Lady Patriots Take VCC Tournament


On Saturday, November 3, the Lady Patriots volleyball team went on a 7-1 run to end their regular season and conference tournament, becoming the Virginia Commonwealth Conference Volleyball Tournament Cham pions. They out-scored Kenston Forest School in the championship game in straight sets (3-0). "Perseverance is the greatest test of character, and that is what we did; we persevered together,” said Coach Jason Morris. 

The Lady Patriots championship team members are (standing, l to r): Madison Bo., Emma A., Lina L., Lexi E., Kelly F., Amari H., Catarina S., and Mikayla S.   Kneeling (l to r): Jade N., Sarah R., Ellie T., Laura S., Madison Ba., Coach Jason Morris, Manager Kellie B.

Amelia Academy Dedicates New Playground


Amelia Academy dedicated their new playground, Patriots at Play, on October 26. The playground dedication was led by Academy moms and faculty members Jesse Roberts and Jennifer Hayghe. They gave a joint speech on the history of the project. Jason Morris, a member of the AA faculty, led the lower school in prayer to end the dedication.

Almost two years ago, Roberts and Hayghe formed a committee to raise funds to purchase new equipment. They identified a need for a colorful, fun, and safe place for all kids to exercise daily.

The committee researched equipment and costs and selected two basic designs. "the more expensive set was our ideal, even though it seemed out of reach. But we were reminded to 'set our sights high' and lo and behold! The more expensive set went on sale. And we were blessed," said Roberts. In six short months, they'd managed to raise over $20,000, enough to seal the deal.

"The impressive thing about this beyond the sheer magnitude of the amount is that so many people donated to the effort. Parents, alums, friends, local businesses, and the children themselves, came together to contritbute to this effort," said Hayghe.

The entrance to the playground is the colorful Patriots at Play archway, adorned with hand-painted ceramic tiles purchased by donors.

The play structure arrived in July 2017 and "looked like a giant Lego set," said Roberts, who was the project forewoman for the construction. "all those myriad pieces actually did fit together and we got it all assembled for our kids to enjoy by the first day of school last year."

Now, the archway - it has been a work in progress. "Every time we thought we were set, we ran into a setback. Even the weather conspired against us with all the constant rain," said Hayghe.

In the end, on another rainy day in October, it finally came together with the help of a lot of people, a lot of ingenuity, and a lot of dedication.

AA Honors Volleyball Senior Players


Amelia Academy honored their Senior volleyball players during the Senior Night game versus Tidewater Academy on Thursday, October 25th. The Lady Patriots won this game in three sets, bumping them up to 2nd place in their conference.

The six senior volleyball players were recognized for their contributions on the volleyball court.  Those seniors of the Amelia Academy Varsity Volleyball Team were Catarina S., Amari H., Mikayla S., Laura S., Kelly F., and Ellie T. They are posing underneath their Senior Banner after their win over Tidewater Academy.

Beta Club Induction Ceremony


On Thursday, October 11, Amelia Academy held induction ceremonies for the National Beta Club and the National Junior Beta Club.  The National Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America.

Three Amelia Academy students were inducted into the National Beta Club. Pictured from left to right are Brogan F., Brent C., and Jade N.

Four sixth-grade students were inducted into the National Junior Beta Club. Pictured from left to right are Jaxon B., Curtis I., Macy B., and Emily K.

AA Holds Annual 9/11 Never Forget Remembrance


On Tuesday, Sept. 11, the students of Amelia Academy got up early to arrive at school by 5:30 a.m. in order to place small American flags on the front lawn of the school. For the past eleven years, the Academy has memorialized the victims of the terrorist attacks of that tragic day in our nation’s history. 

In her opening remarks, Madison Barnard, president of the Student Government Organization, paid a special tribute to the 412 first-responders who died while trying to save others. “It is the least we can do to pledge never to forget them,” she said, “and to remember the 2,977 lives that were taken that day.”

This year’s program, held in the gymnasium, included a special flag with the names of all the first-responders who died. The ladder truck, displayed on the front lawn with the flags, was in service with the Horseheads, New York, fire department, over 200 miles from New York City. The department stood ready to serve if needed on that day. The truck, currently owned by Carroll Harris, an Amelia resident, displays a memorial to the fallen fire fighters and other first-responders who served New York on Sept.  11.

After an opening prayer, led by Jason Morris, the Nottoway County High School Navy JROTC Color Guard presented the colors.  Angela Anderson, also a faculty member and Academy parent, sang the National Anthem. 

Students in grades pre-k through 4thgrade performed songs led by Jaime Llewellyn, the Academy’s music teacher.

The guest speaker for the ceremony was James Triesler, Director of Education at the Virginia War Memorial. Mr. Triesler taught in Chesterfield County Schools for many years and was named Teacher of the Year in Chesterfield as well as on a national level by several organizations. 

In his remarks, Mr. Triesler said that Sept. 11, 2001 is his generation’s Pearl Harbor. He spoke of the emotion World War II veterans have expressed about the day, December 7, 1941. “We have that same sense of anger and pain that remains fresh when we remember where we were on Sept. 11, 2001,” he said. “What are we called to remember about that day, other than our own personal story of where we were?” he asked the audience that represented many generations of Amelia’s citizenry. 

We must remember the stories about the bravery of men and women who served our nation on that day and in the War on Terror that continues today, Mr. Triesler said. We must remember the patriotism and love of country that spread across our nation after Sept. 11. Quoting President George W. Bush’s State of the Union address in 2002, he said, “None of us would ever wish the evil that was done on September the 11th. Yet after America was attacked, it was as if our entire country looked into a mirror and saw our better selves. . . We began to think less of the goods we can accumulate, and more about the good we can do.”

Mr. Triesler presented the official 9/11 memorial flag that will be displayed during the Commonwealth of Virginia program at the War Memorial tonight. He said that the flag is one more way that Virginians will never forget the tragedy of the attack on our nation on that fateful day.

The program closed with a prayer offered by Callie Walker, pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Amelia, and an Academy alumnus.