Honor Roll: Quarter 1 2019-2020


The following students were named to the Honor Roll for the first quarter at Amelia Academy.

*Indicates students who earned an A in each class. 


Third Grade

*Alaina Chambers

Noah Folliard 

Genevieve Hayghe

Willow Meredith 

Jackson Reames 


Fourth Grade

Jeremiah Bollinger 

Abigail Duncan 

Austin Miracle 

*Jacob Ratliff 

Emma Waldron 


Fifth Grade

*Jonathan Anderson 

*Michael Anderson 

Thomas Arbitelle

*Jonathan Chambers 

Aeriella Coward 

Virginia Flippin

Noah Thomas 


Sixth Grade

Bailee Click

Cole Duncan

Brooke Hazzard

*Molly Lane

Molly McMillian 

Caleb Smith


Seventh Grade

Isabella Arbitelle

Jaxon Baldwin 

* Macy Barnard 

Curtis Ison 

Deanna King 

Hope Lambert 

Alexandria Parks


Eighth Grade

Kyle Anderson

Elizabeth Arbitelle


Ninth Grade 

*Emma Humphrey

Barit McMillian

Zachary McMillion

Cameron Morris

*Layne Ratliff

Summer Whitaker


Tenth Grade

Madison Borum

Cedric Bruce

Quinton Dagner

Jade Nunnally 

*Alexis Stoute


Eleventh Grade 

Kellie Banks 

David  Easter 

*Elijah Edens

Jody Morris


Twelfth Grade

Madison Barnard 

Elise Jones

* Sarah Pomfrey 



AA in the News 10.7.19


On Tuesday, October 1stthe Amelia Academy Varsity volleyball team hosted Tidewater Academy. Pictured is freshman Emma Humphrey hurrying on to the court after her name was announced. The Patriots defeated the Lady Warriors.


Fifth grader Reagan Graber prepares to serve the ball during the Amelia Academy middle school’s volleyball game with Tidewater Academy on Tuesday.  The Patriots won this match up.


Amelia Academy seventh grader Deanna King and eighth grader Mikayla Anderson wait for the serve from Tidewater Academy when the Patriots hosted Tidewater on Tuesday.  The Little Lady Patriots were victorious.


Amelia Academy sophomore Sarah Reynolds returns the ball during Tuesday’s win over Tidewater Academy.


The middle school volleyball team waits for the ball to drop during Tuesday’s win over Tidewater.  Pictured: (left to right)  Mikayla Anderson, Hardy McMillion, Reagan Graber and Bobbie Fletcher.

Macy Barnard makes a save for the middle school Patriots, while team members Amanda Carwile and Brooke Hazzard wait to help.  Amelia Academy won this match up.


Amelia Academy middle school players Brooke Anderson and Deanna King wait for the set from Bobbie Fletcher during the Patriots’ win over Tidewater Academy on Tuesday.


Amelia Academy sophomore Emma Allen goes after the ball, while Lexi Easter, Sarah Reynolds and Madison Barnard cheer her on during the varsity Patriots win over Tidewater Academy. This VCC contest was held on Tuesday, October 1st.





Pictures taken by Kellie Banks and Haylee Huddleston.        

AA in the News 9.23.19


On Thursday the Amelia Academy middle school volleyball team hosted Kenston Forest School.  The Patriots defeated their opponents 2-1. Pictured is eighth grader Mikayla Anderson going after the ball while Macy Barnard waits to assist.


Amelia Academy sixth grader Brooke Hazzard anticipates the serve during Thursday’s win over Kenston.


Amelia Academy sixth grader Riley Stallings gets into position for the middle school Patriots when they defeated Kenston Forest on Thursday.


Varsity player Emma Allen gets under the ball during the Amelia Academy Patriots’ loss to Kenston Forest on Thursday.


Sophomores Jade Nunnally and Sarah Reynolds return the serve during the Amelia Academy varsity Patriots’ loss to Kenston Forest on Thursday.

Amelia Academy freshman Barit McMillian prepares for the serve during the varsity Patriots’ game with Kenston on Thursday.  The Patriots lost this contest.


The Amelia Academy varsity volleyball team hosted Kenston Forest on Thursday night.  Senior Madison Barnard blocks the ball during this VCC loss.


Hardy McMillion prepares to serve during the Middle school’s win over Kenston Forest. The Patriots hosted Kenston on Thursday.

AA in the News 9.16.19


Amelia Academy freshman Emma Humphrey and Mrs. Flippin filled an order for a parent during Thursday morning’s coffee and donuts Bus Loop fundraiser sponsored by the Music Department.  Students and parents sold breakfast items to Amelia Academy parents and friends before first period.

Amelia Academy music teacher Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn and faculty member Miss Victoria Lunsford help sixth graders Molly Keye McMillian and Cole Duncan work the booth selling donuts, coffee, muffins and fruit during Thursday’s sale to benefit the Music department.  Proceeds will be used to buy keyboards for the piano class.

The following students, faculty, parents and grandparents came out early Thursday morning for the Bus Loop fundraiser:Emma Humphrey, Raelyne Michaels, Nick Flippin, Mrs. Michelle Humphrey, Cedric Bruce, Mrs. Bruce, Greg Harris, Cole Duncan, Sarah McMillion, Molly Keye McMillian, Mrs. Flippin and music instructor Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn

AA Never Forget 9/11 Program 2019


Students who were not born on Sept. 11, 2001, gathered to honor and remember every victim of the terrorist attacks on that day. They arrived at school before dawn to place 2,977 flags on the front lawn in memory of the people who died in the attacks. Later, in a ceremony during the same hour that the planes hit the Twin Towers and Pentagon, they were joined by faculty and guests that included State Senator Amanda Chase, the guest speaker, local officials, and area veterans. 

As members of the next generation, Madison Barnard, president of the Student Government Organization, said they will stand for liberty and justice across our nation. She also pledged, on behalf of her fellow students, to remember forever the victims and ultimate sacrifices of first responders. 

The Color Guard of the Nottoway County High School Navy JROTC performed the Presentation of Colors, followed by an opening prayer by Jason Morris, a member of the Academy faculty. Angela Anderson, Director of Athletics and Student Affairs, and Jaime Llewellyn, Music Director, sang the National Anthem.

After a moment of silence to remember the victims, Lower School students in grades PK through 1st grade sang a rendition of the “Pledge of Allegiance,” led by Mrs. Llewellyn. The second through fifth-graders sang “Dreams of You,” a song with the assurance that the survivors and families will carry the memories of those we lost.

Guest speaker, Senator Chase, recalled where she was Sept. 11, 2001. She added that many of the audience also remember with precise detail where they were. Just as everyone was going about their daily routine, she was driving to a doctor’s appointment. Upon arrival, she saw the events unfolding on television and then learned that her doctor’s sister was in the Pentagon and father in the Towers. 

In the ensuing years, caught up in the busyness of everyday life, Senator Chase said that we must nevertheless remain aware of the evil in the world. She likened this to the Christian teaching of remaining vigilant in our own lives. Without living in a spirit of fear, we should stand for what is good and right. We must remember that our Hope is in our Savior, Senator Chase said.

The gathering was led in closing prayer by Pastor Dusty Webb, Love Covenant Fellowship. 

After the ceremony, guests were invited to a reception hosted by the members of the Student Government Organization.