Elena Easter Chapel Talk


Change is imminent for the class of 2019 as the date of graduation approaches. Elena Easter addressed this aspect of life in her Chapel Talk, delivered on May 8. Delivering the Chapel Talk speech had not been part of her senior year plans last summer as she prepared for her senior year at Love Covenant School.

Learning that the school she had attended since kindergarten would not be offering high school classes meant that Elena would attend a new school for her senior year. And, the news came two weeks before school would have started. That was when her parents decided on the Academy for her and her brother. “I wasn’t very excited about it at first,” Elena admitted. “And, I definitely didn’t want anything to change, but change can be important.”

Anxious about starting a new school for her senior year, Elena was concerned about the adjustment to a larger school. Admitting that the Academy is considered a small school, Elena said that her school was even smaller. Her senior class would have had only one other student. Once she arrived at the Academy and found out about the requirement for presenting a speech to the entire school, Elena said she was even more daunted. “I’m extremely quiet and really shy,” she said, “and I have been very nervous about giving this speech.”

Another difficulty was leaving her friends, especially Emily Huitz, her good friend since the two were in seventh grade. “We were both socially awkward,” Elena said of their first meeting. They soon became friends, however, and remain close today. “We still annoy each other to no end, act stupid around each other, and love one another for the mess we are,” she said.

Last fall, Elena found herself appreciative of the change she had been forced to make. “I’ve gotten to know some awesome people that I hope I will stay friends with in the future,” she said. Elena also realized that “changes happen but you can grow from them.”

Elena thanked her parents for helping her through this experience and many others. “My parents have always been there for me, and I can’t thank them enough,” she said. She referred to her mom as “the smartest person I’ve ever met.” She also said that her mom has been a role model for her in caring for other people.

Elena said her dad is “one of my best friends.” Always willing to hear about her problems and search for a solution, he also “finds a way to make [her] laugh.” Her dad has taught her to accept changes in life, such as the one Elena has faced this year. However, he told her not to let go of the good people in her life.

“My dad also told me that ‘God puts people in your life for a reason Sometimes, it’s to show you things, and sometimes it’s to learn something about yourself,’” she shared. This has been true for Elena as she has made changes in her own life. For the future, she said that life’s journey can be navigated successfully while remaining true to ourselves.

Attending Elena’s Chapel Talk were her parents, Kathy and Graham Easter, along with her brother, David. Her grandparents, Sandra and Dave Negaard and Sherry and Mike Phelps, were in attendance. Also present was her friend Emily Huitz.