Chase Langford Chapel Talk


“It is more important to have real friends than a lot of friends,” said Chase Langford in his Chapel Talk, delivered on Feb. 19 at Amelia Academy. As a senior, this fact becomes more relevant as graduation approaches. Several students in the AA class of 2020 have been together for many years, and Chase is one of those. 


He arrived at the Academy in the sixth grade. Chase had become friends with several Academy students on his baseball teams. Those friendships were a big part of his decision to transfer from his previous school. 


In his Chapel Talk, Chase paid tribute to the influence of these friends “who have helped me grow into the person I am today,” he said. As friends, they have shared good times. The laughs and jokes also have created great moments for these friends. However, just as important, “friends will always have your back,” Chase said. 


One of these friends, Joseph Borum, is more like the brother he never had. Chase said they have been friends “since we could talk.” They share great memories of time spent hunting and fishing, and riding four-wheelers. Chase said that Joseph has his own opinions, and “is the most honest person I know.” 


Brent Carwile is another one of Chase’s good friends. Chase jokingly gave credit for some low grades to Brent. In fact, he added that most would agree that Brent is the “class clown” of the whole school. “He has certainly entertained me through the school years,” Chase said. Brent has also been the person Chase turned to for support during difficult times.


His friend, Matthew Pugh, always has something to tell him. “Nine times out of ten, he was making [his story] up at the same time he was telling it,” Chase said. It’s not a problem, though, because “that’s just Matthew being himself, and it is a reason to like him because he can be really funny.”


Another person Chase considers a friend is Head of School, Rodney L. Taylor. “He has taught me a lot about life and politics in the classes I’ve had with him,” Chase said, referring to Mr. Taylor’s history elective course, a favorite course of many Academy students. Chase expressed his gratitude to Mr. Taylor for “everything he has taught me.”


Finding good friends is not easy, especially when people move in and out of our lives. However, Chase said that his good friends have been with him through everything. “While there may be times when we want to hurt each other, we always end the night laughing,” he said. Chase said he will always be grateful for the role his friends have played in his life. “They have made all the hard days worth it.”


When he graduates from Amelia Academy, Chase will also have completed his associate degree at John Tyler Community College. During his years at the Academy, Chase has participated in baseball, basketball, and cross country. He serves as the senior class vice president and has been elected to class officer positions in previous years.


Attending the Chapel Talk program were Chase’s parents, Paula and Tim Langford. His grandparents, Barbara and Mark Langford, and grandmother, Nancy Elliott,  were also present. Other guests included family friends and Academy parents, Stephanie and Mark Borum, and Teresa and Mike Carwile.