AA Jr. Beta Club Wins at the State Level


While other students in Amelia were exchanging Valentine greetings, Amelia Academy’s Junior Beta Club made the trek to Hampton Roads for the State’s Junior Beta Convention. 


Eight AA Patriots attended, accompanied by their faculty advisor.  They acquitted themselves well in both group and individual competitions.  


Kyle Anderson brought home a second place award in Visual Arts (woodworking). He entered a handmade treasure chest, carved from a log that he hollowed out, sanded and stained and to which he added leather hinges and a belt-like latch. The chest qualified Kyle to go onto compete at the national level in Oklahoma later this year. 


The team was in Hampton overnight.  In addition to Kyle, the team was comprised of Emily King, Jaxon Baldwin, Curtis Ison, Amanda Carwile, Macy Barnard, Emma Humphrey and Barit McMillian. 


Students competed individually in unique categories. Emily competed in painting; Amanda in photography; Jaxon in digital arts; Emma in creative writing. 


Curtis competed in performing arts, accompanying himself on the guitar as he sang.  Barit competed in a visual arts category using recycled materials by entering a whimsical sculpture of her dog using a soda bottle.  Macy competed in language arts by taking a written test.


The group competitions included a Quiz Bowl in which Amanda, Macy, Jaxon and Emily competed. Kyle, Emma and Barit participated in a Group Engineering competition where they built a tower using pre-selected materials. 


“This was a wonderful experience for our Junior Beta Club—a time for each student to shine and work together in fun competitions while representing Amelia Academy at the State level. We are proud of them all,” commented AA Faculty Advisor, Angela Anderson.