AA in the News 9.23.19


On Thursday the Amelia Academy middle school volleyball team hosted Kenston Forest School.  The Patriots defeated their opponents 2-1. Pictured is eighth grader Mikayla Anderson going after the ball while Macy Barnard waits to assist.


Amelia Academy sixth grader Brooke Hazzard anticipates the serve during Thursday’s win over Kenston.


Amelia Academy sixth grader Riley Stallings gets into position for the middle school Patriots when they defeated Kenston Forest on Thursday.


Varsity player Emma Allen gets under the ball during the Amelia Academy Patriots’ loss to Kenston Forest on Thursday.


Sophomores Jade Nunnally and Sarah Reynolds return the serve during the Amelia Academy varsity Patriots’ loss to Kenston Forest on Thursday.

Amelia Academy freshman Barit McMillian prepares for the serve during the varsity Patriots’ game with Kenston on Thursday.  The Patriots lost this contest.


The Amelia Academy varsity volleyball team hosted Kenston Forest on Thursday night.  Senior Madison Barnard blocks the ball during this VCC loss.


Hardy McMillion prepares to serve during the Middle school’s win over Kenston Forest. The Patriots hosted Kenston on Thursday.