AA in the News 9.16.19


Amelia Academy freshman Emma Humphrey and Mrs. Flippin filled an order for a parent during Thursday morning’s coffee and donuts Bus Loop fundraiser sponsored by the Music Department.  Students and parents sold breakfast items to Amelia Academy parents and friends before first period.

Amelia Academy music teacher Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn and faculty member Miss Victoria Lunsford help sixth graders Molly Keye McMillian and Cole Duncan work the booth selling donuts, coffee, muffins and fruit during Thursday’s sale to benefit the Music department.  Proceeds will be used to buy keyboards for the piano class.

The following students, faculty, parents and grandparents came out early Thursday morning for the Bus Loop fundraiser:Emma Humphrey, Raelyne Michaels, Nick Flippin, Mrs. Michelle Humphrey, Cedric Bruce, Mrs. Bruce, Greg Harris, Cole Duncan, Sarah McMillion, Molly Keye McMillian, Mrs. Flippin and music instructor Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn