AA in the News 4.12.19


The Amelia Academy Senior class attended the prom on Friday, April 5th. The theme was “Moonlight and Magnolias”. Pictured left to right (top) Catarina Stanley, Amari Hicks, Kelly Flippin, Hannah King, Julia Huddleston, (bottom) Wilbert Allen, Ellie Taylor, Mikayla Stables, Laura Smith, Sam Breuscher, Elena Easter, Tyler Gough, and Mitchell Carey.

This year’s junior class at Amelia Academy hosted the 2019 Junior Senior Prom.  This year’s theme was “Moonlight and Magnolias”.  Pictured are junior class members and their dates. Left to right – Junior Madison Barnard and her date Corbett Bowman , Freshman Madison Borum escorted by junior Brent Carwile,  junior Lexi Easter escorted by Joseph Borum, junior Sarah Pomfrey escorted by junior Chase Landry, and freshman Emma Allen escorted by junior Ryan Anderson.