AA in the News 10.21.19


Amelia Academy Patriots’ Amanda Carwile goes up for a spike during Thursday’s loss to Richmond Christian.


Mikayla Anderson waits for the ball on Thursday night when the middle school Patriots defeated Richmond Christian.  Fellow Patriot Brooke Anderson waits for the pass.


#26 Brooke Anderson concentrates on making a pass during the Patriots middle school win on Thursday over Richmond Christian.


On Thursday night the Little Lady Patriots hosted Richmond Christian.  The middle school Patriots won this contest.  Pictured is seventh grader Macy Barnard going up for the ball.


Amelia Academy volleyball coach Jason Morris and players Reagan Graber and Brooke Hazzard watch the middle school action during Thursday’s game with Richmond Christian.  The Patriots won this game.


Amelia Academy Varsity Volleyball player Jade Nunnally returns the ball during the Patriot’s loss to Richmond Christian. 


Sophomore Sarah Reynolds waits for the referee during last week’s game with Richmond Christian.  The varsity Patriots played hard but lost this contest.