Middle School

Amelia Academy’s Middle School is comprised of grades six through eight. Students change classes, and move through seven daily academic periods. While most classes are consistent throughout the year, several are taught on a semester basis. Our exploratory courses provide opportunities for students to develop good skills in public speaking, research, keyboarding, creative writing and studying.

Opportunities are available for students to participate in sports programs including soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, softball and baseball. Participation in forensics and creative writing competitions is encouraged.


Middle School Curriculum

Beginning with Grade 5, students change rooms for classes.

Spanish I and Pre-algebra are taken for upper school credit, and students must achieve a yearly C average to guarantee advancement to the next level. Our middle school program follows a seven-period daily schedule.

Mathematics 6, Pre-Algebra or Algebra

English 6, English 7 or English 8 (Language Arts)

Grammar and Spelling 6

Writing 7/8 (one semester)

Science 6, Science 7 (Life Science) or Science 8 (Physical Science)

History 6, History 7 (World Studies) or History 8 (Civics)

Spanish 6/7 (one semester), Spanish I

Art 6/7 (one semester)

Computer Concepts 7/8 (one semester)

Physical Education 6, 7 and 8

Sign Language 6 and 7

Performing Arts or Fine Arts Electives


Student Handbook