Testing Program

Achievement/Ability Testing

Students in grades four through six take standardized testing every other spring. Middle School and Upper School students in grades seven through eleven take the PSAT 8/9 or PSAT 10/11. The Academy also monitors SAT/ACT scores of juniors and seniors as an indicator of overall student achievement. 

College Admissions Testing

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to take the SAT and/or the ACT in preparation for applying to colleges and universities.  These tests are administered on designated Saturdays in specific test sites not at Amelia Academy.  The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a multiple-choice test that measures knowledge and reasoning in math, verbal, and writing areas.  The ACT (American College Test) measures knowledge in English, math, reading, and science reasoning.  SAT II tests are subject tests in approximately twenty different areas required by some colleges and universities and are used as an additional evaluation tool.  The most common subject tests are math and writing, but tests also exist for histories, sciences, and languages.  Students need to check with the college or university to which an application is being made to determine if SAT II tests are required or recommended.