Amelia Academy was founded to promote citizenship and Christian values along with a solid academic program. We enhance our students’ character development through special attention to trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Character development, community service and inspirational reminders are an integral part of the daily routines of Academy students.

Our focus on these character traits helps to establish an environment conducive to learning relevant information and skills that will prepare students for real-world experiences.


Guided by Christian values, our students benefit from a family atmosphere. Academy programs span from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. We provide a strong educational foundation enhanced by opportunities to develop individual academic, cultural and athletic interests.

Our focus and direction are designed to meet curricular needs. At every grade level, we strive to:

  • stress effective written, visual and oral communication.
  • provide life-enriching academic, cultural and athletic opportunities.
  • teach students to apply knowledge.
  • teach useful and business-oriented technologies.
  • utilize hands-on experiences.
  • help students understand the relevancy of the material learned.

Since our student population encompasses several communities, we utilize this diversity to broaden our students’ horizons and help them develop an understanding of others. We also host selected foreign students who help enrich the cultural diversity of the Academy.