June, 2018

Dear Amelia Academy Parents:

We’re back, and better than ever. On behalf of the administration and staff of Amelia Academy, we welcome new and returning families to the 2018-19 school year. There will be many opportunities for all to be involved in the life of the school and benefit the children we are educating. The easiest way is to become an active member of the Amelia Academy League of Parents and Teachers (aka the LPT). This organization has been assisting the school by fundraising and dedicating proceeds to projects around our campus. First, bit of information on the LPT.

The League of Parents and Teachers was established soon after the school opened, over 50 years ago, in order to aid in the mission of the school. Over the years, the efforts of its members have yielded successful fundraising efforts that have afforded the school computers, window treatments, new desks, to name but a few.

The LPT has done much to assist the school, the students and the faculty. The LPT is led by a president and three elected officers. This year, Alison King will serve as President. The officers form the Executive Committee, and they make the final decisions on all projects the LPT decides to take on. The President and Executive Committee will appoint members to committees to research the needs presented and give advice as to how to focus fundraising efforts. Recommendations of these committees are then presented to the Executive Committee for final approval. Not every endeavor desired by school patrons can be addressed. Special attention is given to the most essential needs. A preliminary “wish list” includes new playground equipment, new blinds for the classrooms, new computers and technology, to name but a few. As we move into our new year, many more items will be added.

I encourage you to become active in the LPT. As a parent, you are already a member. However, to have your voice heard, you need to attend, or at the very least volunteer any spare time you may have to make this organization grow and become an even greater body of energy, dedicated to the children of this school.

Yours Truly,

Rodney Taylor


About the LPT

The LPT is an organization committed to pursuing excellence in our students. We realize educating the whole child involves not only having outstanding teachers and administrators, but also parents who are actively involved with their children at home. The LPT serves to support the school mission. We are led by parents and are committed to increasing their involvement.

We accomplish this by:

increasing the communication between Amelia Academy and its parents.

increasing the awareness of opportunities for parents at Amelia Academy.

providing solutions that improve the environment and the education of our children.

taking a hands-on approach by volunteering and supporting our fundraisers.

League of Parents & Teachers Executive Committee

August, 2018

Hello Parents and Academy Faculty and Staff!

On behalf of the League of Parents and Teachers (LPT), we would like to welcome you back to the Academy for the 2019-20 School Year.

As with any organization, in order to be successful we need your help. This is your LPT! We look forward to hearing your ideas, questions and concerns; and appreciate any and all help you are will to give. Our contact information is provided on the school website: under the Parents & Students tab.

We look forward to seeing you at all of our events and meetings this year!!!

Sarah Folliard

LPT President, 2019-2020

Contact Us 

President – Sarah Folliard

Vice President –Wendy McMillian

Secretary – Lydia Smith-McMillion

Treasurer – Vacant

Room Parent Coordinator – Vacant

Boxtops Coordinator – Jennifer Bollinger

If you have ideas or concerns, we want to hear from you! Please e-mail us. A member of the League of Parents and Teachers will contact you by telephone or by e-mail to discuss your comments.

LPT Google Drive

LPT Bylaws