Amelia Academy


2018, November 2: Amelia Academy dedicated their new playground, Patriots at Play, on October 26. The playground dedication was led by Academy moms and faculty members Jesse Roberts and Jennifer Hayghe. They gave a joint speech on the history of the project. Jason Morris, a member of the AA faculty, led the lower school in prayer to end the dedication.


Almost two years ago, Roberts and Hayghe formed a committee to raise funds to purchase new equipment. They identified a need for a colorful, fun, and safe place for all kids to exercise daily.

The committee researched equipment and costs and selected two basic designs. "the more expensive set was our ideal, even though it seemed out of reach. But we were reminded to 'set our sights high' and lo and behold! The more expensive set went on sale. And we were blessed," said Roberts. In six short months, they'd managed to raise over $20,000, enough to seal the deal.

"The impressive thing about this beyond the sheer magnitude of the amount is that so many people donated to the effort. Parents, alums, friends, local businesses, and the children themselves, came together to contritbute to this effort," said Hayghe.

The entrance to the playground is the colorful Patriots at Play archway, adorned with hand-painted ceramic tiles purchased by donors.

The play structure arrived in July 2017 and "looked like a giant Lego set," said Roberts, who was the project forewoman for the construction. "all those myriad pieces actually did fit together and we got it all assembled for our kids to enjoy by the first day of school last year."

Now, the archway - it has been a work in progress. "Every time we thought we were set, we ran into a setback. Even the weather conspired against us with all the constant rain," said Hayghe.

In the end, on another rainy day in October, it finally came together with the help of a lot of people, a lot of ingenuity, and a lot of dedication.