Amelia Academy


2019, February 19: – On Tuesday, Fabruary 12th, the Amelia Academy athletic department held Senior Night and recognized three seniors for their contributions to the athletic program.

Pictured is Mascot Cheerleader student coach, Hannah K., accompanied by her father, Nathan K., and grandmother, Gail W.; varsity basketball co-captain, Jamal G., accompanied by his mother, Monica J., his girlfriend, Tamia N., and his father, Nathan G.; and varsity basketball co-captain, Will Jay S., accompanied by his Amelia family, Coach Greg H. Sr., Valarie H., and Greg H. Jr., his mother, Ladonya S., his father, William S. Sr., his grandmother, Mary Anne B., his sister, Donyale S., h is girlfriend, Kyra B., and his grandfather, Melvin B.


Will Jay S. and his Amelia family, Coach Greg H. Sr., Valarie H., his mother, Ladonya S., and his father, William S. Sr.