Amelia Academy

Amelia Academy Holds Annual Veteran's Appreciation Program

2018, November 12: At 10:45am today, the 2018 Veteran's Appreciation Program at Amelia Academy began with Student Government Organization President Senior Madison Ba. as mistress of ceremonies. Madison introduced the Nottoway High School Junior ROTC to post the Colors, followed by the singing of the National Anthem by Mrs. Angela Anderson and Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn. Madison then led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Senior Samantha B. offering the Invocation.

The lower school, under the direction of music teacher Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn, prepares to sing "On Veteran's Day" after the Invocation was delivered.

After the lower school sang, Mr. Childress introduced the theme for the program, "service to fellow man", and he was followed by Senior Hannah K. who read "In Flanders Fields". Hannah took a different approach to this reading by doing a bit of research and she added some of the background as to who wrote this poem, and how the author had the idea for the poem; overall, she did a great job with her reading!

Once Hannah K. completed her reading, Mr. Tim MacLeod of the Saint Andrews Pipe and Drum Corps was called upon to perform "Amazing Grace" on bagpipe . . .

Layne R. was next called up to the podium to offer his reading for the day, which was a piece of his own composing titled "What Veteran's Day Means to Me". This was his entry this year into the VFW Auxilliary's writing contest.

Once Layne's reading was completed, Madison introduced Major Jennifer Linke of the US Army National Guard and read her biography; Major Linke was the guest speaker for the program, and she offered further insight into the theme topic of "service to fellow man". Many of the people in attendance commented on the excellent job that Major Linke did in her speech; one comment in particular was that the Academy should invite her back to be the graduation ceremony speaker this coming May.

Mr. Tim MacLeod next performed "Sgt. MacKenzie" followed by a reading by Junior Lexi E. titled "Veteran's Day Essay" written by James Morrison. Mr. Morrison is also a veteran and he is a retired executive at the Pentagon. He wrote the book, "Bedford Goes to War: The Heroic Story of a Small Virginia Community in World War II. Following Lexi was Senior Ellie T., who read President Ronald Reagan's remarks at the 1988 National Veteran's Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary.

Following Ellie's reading, Mr. MacLeod performed the "Service Song Medley" on bagpipe. Veterans stood as their individual service song was played. The officers of the Student Government Organization then read the names of the fallen servicemembers, and after a moment of silence, "Taps" was played over the sound system, followed by a prayer offered by Layne R. Madison then dismmissed the students to fourth period and the veterans and families gathered for fellowship and refreshemnts provided by the Beta Club.

A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Angela Anderson for singing and for securing the Beta Club for refreshements, to Mr. TIm MacLeod for saying "Yes" to coming out and providing the music, Mr. Draper for operating the sound system, Mrs. Llewellyn for getting the lower school students ready for a marvelous job at singing and for singing with Mrs. Anderson, and anyone else who had anything to do with the program. There were only good comments from several of the program attendees - not one bad comment was made by anyone!

And, a HUGE thank you to the veterans and their FAMILIES for attending this year; there were 39 veterans in total attending the program. That is not too shabby at all!