Amelia Academy


2019, February 11: – The twelfth annual Chapel Talk series at Amelia Academy continued on February 6th with a speech given by senior Julia H.

The transition to a new place ranks high on the list of most stressful life events. This process can be even more daunting for a rising junior in high school. That’s what Julia H. faced last year when she transferred to Amelia Academy. However, the transition was made easier by three friends who helped her make the adjustment. Julia paid a tribute to friendship in her Chapel Talk, delivered on February 6.

In expressing what her “small circle of friends” have done for her, Julia said, “They have helped me work through difficult situations . . . they have taught me to be a better person.” Her friends also gave her the confidence to be herself. She has tried to do the same for them because, “that’s what friends do for each other,” she said.

Julia shared a few of the memories she will carry with her. She and her friend Ryan A. went to prom last year. He also surprised her with concert tickets on her eighteenth birthday. “Whenever I need someone to confide in or simply just need a laugh, Ryan has always been there,” Julia said.

She credited her friend Noah D. with helping her become “a stronger and more humble person.” They have shared good and challenging times but have remained friends. “One of my favorite memories is Noah taking me to Logan’s to see the cows,” she said. This small act can turn around a bad day, she added.

Finally, Julia spoke about her friends Trey C., a 2017 Academy alumnus. “Trey is one of the funniest and most caring persons I know,” she said. “He has taught me that it is okay to be silly and always be myself.” Trey has been like an older brother, and Julia spoke about the fun times they have had.

All three young men helped her adjust to a new school, but their influence has extended far beyond the transition. Julia credited her three friends with creating fun memories and having a “giant impact” on her life. Pledging never to take them for granted, Julia hopes they will all remain close in the future.

As a student at the Academy, Julia has been a member of the varsity softball team. She and her siblings, Haylee and Macon, have also been active in various Academy programs over the past year.