Amelia Academy


2019, January 11: – The twelfth annual Chapel Talk series at Amelia Academy continued on January 9th with a speech given by senior Samantha B.

Choosing to remain positive in whatever situation arises in life can change a school, a community, and even the world. This was the subject of Samantha B.’s chapel talk, delivered on January 9th at Amelia Academy.

Samantha came to the Academy two years ago after homeschool. “I’d been homeschooled my whole life, and I’d only ever daydreamed about going to a high school like most teenagers.” One of the first things she noticed about school was that many students didn’t seem to want to be there. However, in “non-negotiable situations” like this, she said, people can choose to be positive.

Quoting Sir Winston Churchill, Samantha said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” By choosing to remain positive, she said that students can impact their own lives for the better. They can also improve the environment of the school.

“Positivity is as easy (or as hard) as you make it to be,” she said. In her own life, Samantha said that it has not always been easy, but she has worked hard to remain positive. She credited her parents with instilling this value in her from a young age. She has also had friends who have been a positive influence. She mentioned Brianna Hailey whom she considers more a sister than a friend.

Two friends and fellow classmates, Amari H. and Kelly F., made her transition to the Academy a positive experience. “When I first started going to school, I was the definition of awkward,” she said. The adjustment from homeschool to the Academy was a challenge, but she chose not to focus on the difficulty.

“Instead, I focused on the fact that going to the Academy would not only prepare me for college but help me out socially with meeting new people and making new friends,” she said. One of those new friends has been Ellie T., a classmate who enrolled last year.

How does a student remain positive amid the cynicism and worldliness that seems to permeate teen life? Samantha’s answer is “gratefulness and contentedness.” The decision to remain content, no matter the situation, can help create a positive outlook. The habit of being grateful involves seeking out the good aspects of any situation. Both of these pursuits “can benefit you and others around you,” Samantha told her fellow students.

This attitude can also apply to relationships, particularly when conflict arises. Samantha encouraged everyone to realize that many difficult situations arise from a misunderstanding. “Try and see things from their perspective, and take all things into account when figuring them out,” she said. “When you make the switch from pessimism to optimism . . . the state of being content and happy becomes more achievable.”

Over the past two years, Samantha has been active in a number of programs at the Academy. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Beta Club. She has also been a member of the Audio-visual club. She has been a class officer and served as team manager for the volleyball team.

Attending Samantha’s chapel talk were her mother, Amy B., along with her aunt and uncle Luke and Tanya G. Also present were Tyler and Brooke G., and friends Allison J. and John B.

Guests and members of the senior class attended a reception after the Chapel Talk program.