Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Mikayla S. Delivers Chapel Talk

2018, December 7: – The twelfth annual Chapel Talk series at Amelia Academy continued on December 4th with a speech given by senior Mikayla S.

“They have shown me the true meaning of love,” said Mikayla S. about her parents. In her chapel talk, delivered on December 4, Mikayla spoke about these two people who are her greatest inspiration. “I love the bond we share,” she said.

When Mikayla asked her parents if she could transfer to the Academy for her senior year, “they looked at me like I was crazy.” However, they also asked questions and then agreed. “They knew it would be the best decision for me.”

The relationship with her parents has involved this level of support. Mikayla described them as her “rock and backbone” of support. It has made all the difference for her as she prepares to make the first steps toward independence after graduation. Mikayla also expressed her gratitude for the lessons they have taught her and for the help they have given. “They have wiped my tears countless times, told me to get back up and dust myself off, and keep going,” she said.

Mikayla shares a love of the outdoors with her Dad. They go hunting and fishing together. She remembered a time when she was younger and the two of them went fishing at a friend’s house. “We could catch a bunch of fish. After, we would fix them up, cook and eat them,” she said. They also went to the race track on Fridays to spend “Daddy daughter time together as my mom would call it,” she said.

With her Mom, Mikayla shares a close friendship. She said her Mom has always been there for her during tough times. Her Mom offered a “shoulder to cry on” and told Mikayla to “let it go and keep going, you’re a strong girl.”

She and her Mom do everything together, Mikayla said, including a trip to Florida to see her baby nephew. “That was a long, exciting trip,” she said. “It was cool going through different states . . . and it was great to spend family time together.”

Since arriving at the Academy as a senior, Mikayla has already become an integral member of the senior class,” said Rodney L. Taylor, Head of School, in his introduction. She represents her class in the Student Government Organization (SGO) and has been active in senior projects. Mikayla also played varsity volleyball this fall.

Her parents, Charles S. and Angie D., were in attendance for Mikayla’s chapel talk. Other guests included Hunter S., Henry M., and James H.

Guests and members of the senior class attended a reception after the Chapel Talk program.