Amelia Academy

Amelia Academy Expands its Equine Studies Program

By Jean Tremaine


Amelia Academy initiated an Equestrian Studies program in 2016 for Upper School Students. Teacher and Director of Guidance Jennifer Faeth is the director. The program proved so popular, it was expanded to include students from 6-12 grade this year.

Charlie Transue was hired to oversee the hands-on riding portion of the program. Owner of CTC Performance & Sport Horses in Powhatan, Mr. Transue formerly coached the equine team at Rutgers University. A true horseman, he and his wife, Christine, train and sell Sport Horses that compete at national levels.

He brings a real passion for event horses and horse sports to the Academy. Classes are small, and students get one-on-one pointers throughout the year. Some students ride for the first time in class; others are already skilled riders.

Mr. Transue has worked with Sport horses and riders for 20+ years. He is highly respected in this elite venue, and his students have led nationally in competition.

He teaches from local stables, allowing AA students to spend time off-campus to hone their riding skills and familiarize themselves with hands-on horse care.

The program intends to create knowledgeable horsemen and horsewomen, not just good riders and athletes. Long term, the Academy & Mr. Transue expect to develop an equine team that can compete at varsity level.

“It’s important to us that as our students develop their riding skills to an expert level, they also respect their mounts and learn how to care for them. Mr. Transue is the perfect compliment to our program to reach this goal,” Samantha Womack, the program’s instructor, commented.