Amelia Academy

Back to the Future: 2017 to 1986

By Jean Tremaine



Three for three. Sometimes it’s uncanny just how much the present mirrors the past. This was the case last month when three young men graduated from Amelia Academy. Seth Zaki, Royce Coleman and Noah Reynolds graduated as seniors in the Class of 2017, just as their mothers were classmates graduating over three decades ago.

In 1986, Trisha Scott Morgan (Seth’s mom), Melissa Gunter Coleman & Sherry Jackson Reynolds walked up on stage to receive high school diplomas together just as their sons did in June. It’s not unusual for AA alums to send their offspring back to the Academy to be educated, but it is unique when three women from the same class send their three sons to the school to graduate together in the same class year.

Each of the moms from 1986 said that AA gave them the education and study skills they needed to pursue college educations. Morgan ultimately became a veterinarian, Coleman got a degree in Art Education and Reynolds studied business leading to a long corporate career.

All three women specifically wanted their boys to attend AA to cultivate the kind of long-term friendships they developed as a result of their tenure at the Academy. They wanted their children to have the same wonderful memories and mirror the well-rounded education that prepared them to move forward with success in 1986.

Just like their moms, the 2017 graduates intend to further their educations. All three will be studying STEM subjects this fall. Seth is off to study Chemistry at Va. Tech; Royce will study Chemistry at Randolph Macon and Noah will study Computer Science at NC State.

Reynolds indicated that it was especially important to her that Noah attended a school based on Christian values where prayer was a natural part of the outreach, whether in class, playing sports or attending an assembly. Faith has always been an important part of education at Amelia Academy. It factors into every day at school just as it does into every day of life.

Attending Amelia Academy is a rich cultural and academic experience for its students. Since the school’s inception on Bastille Day in 1964, the Academy has grown continuously for a variety of reasons: academic excellence, faith-based development of the student body and an enriched scope of curriculum.

Educating families generation to generation is a proud tradition that Amelia Academy is happy to uphold. Developing a study body that is knowledgeable and strong and acts with faith-based conviction to do the right thing is a legacy upon which the Academy builds it future.

And sometimes ̶ like this past June ̶ it’s just destiny when they look back to the future and see how much the present echoes the past.