Amelia Academy

AA Expands Industrial Arts

By Jean Tremaine



Amelia Academy is on a quest to address all of its students’ interests and academic needs. They’ve set a course to expand their curriculum in a variety of ways—hiring top-notch instructors to teach a wide variety of courses for college prep, strengthening their bible courses and broadening special interest subjects like their long-term Industrial Arts program.

Dennis Cooper is a mainstay at AA. He’s been on staff 30+ years and led the Industry Arts program at the Academy for most of that time. They have created a variety of professional quality benches, stools, gun cabinets, corner cupboards, gates, etc. over the years and proudly taken their projects home to share with their families.

He teaches his students practical skills and ensures they understand how these skills are useful in life by having them help with hands-on projects around the Academy. For example, the IA students made the Academy’s playground gates.

The program is expanding this year to include additional skillsets beyond woodworking. Modules on welding, plumbing, electrical and small engine repair will be featured.

Different instructors will cover topics and all instructors have volunteered their time to the program. The classes are open to boys and girls in AA’s Upper School.

Some modules will take multiple weeks, others may be covered in one week. Students will get a basic understanding of what it takes to pursue these careers and learn these crafts. They will get some basic hands-on skills.

The Academy’s goal for the expanded Industrial Arts program is to turn out well-rounded, educated students that understand how things work. This meshes well and enhances AA’s overall goal to teach the ‘whole’ student, while providing excellent college prep in STEM & language arts in a solid Christian environment.