Amelia Academy

AA Presents the 2018 MIddle School Dance

On Friday, May 4, the class of 2021 hosted a dance for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. The café was transformed into a mini-prom for all the well-dressed middle school students. The music was provided by DJ Large Mouth (Caleb G.), a senior at Amelia Academy. Everyone had fun dancing and laughing!


Pictured are middle school students at the dance (front row, left to right) Emma H., Summer C., Caitlyn G., Barit M., and Hardy M. Second Row: Amanda C., Alana P., Katia B., Masha B., Grace W., and Olivia S. Back row: Quinton D., Cedric B., and Nathan G.

photoKatia B., Grace W., Caitlyn G., Alana P., and Masha B. take a moment for a photo before joining the mini-prom.

photoNathan G., Cedric B., and Quinton D. pause for a photo.

photoEmma H., Barit M., and Alana P. having fun at the mini-prom.

photoSixth-graders Kyle A. and Nick P. admiring the atmosphere at the mini-prom.

photoSixth-grader Masha B. and seventh-grader Katia B. pose outside before joining the mini-prom.

photoNathan G., Quinton D., Kyle A., and Nick P. kick up their heels!


Caitlyn G., Hardy M., Summer C., Barit M., Katia B.,Emma H., and Alana P. discuss the night's activites.

photoAmelia Academy seniors Caleb G. and John B. were the DJs for the night.