Amelia Academy

Amelia Academy Students Spread Holiday Cheer

By Jean Tremaine



Every year, Amelia Academy jumpstarts the holiday season with Christmas music and skits performed by their student body for family and friends on stage at the Academy. This year, two programs were given.

photo Lower School stu- dents sing in the radio sta- tion.

Lower School students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade performed their special Christmas program a little early—the last day of November! Under the direction of Mrs. Jaime Llewellyn, they enacted the musical: “The Power of the King”, created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn. Students played the staff of K-I-N-G radio. The station is thrown off kilter when a blizzard hits their area and they need to devise a Christmas Eve broadcast. With no power, they rely on a trusty backup generator and a busload of stranded children's choir members who seek refuge at the station. Between the choir and a skeleton crew of staff, station K-I-N-G is able to piece together a memorable live radio broadcast retelling the Good News of Christmas.

In a poignant subplot, a DJ at the station discovers his faith in Jesus through the telling of the joyous story. By the end of the play, she learns the true meaning of Christmas and is a believer.


Kindergartener Frank U. and his mom. Frank is decked-out and ready to perform!

Grades Pre-K to 4th grade played the members of the stranded choir. Dressed in festive holiday attire, they entertained their audience superbly with songs like "Over The River and Through The Woods", "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and "Silent Night". Many of the songs had choreographed sign language motions that the children worked months to perfect.

Station K-I-N-G employees and other parts were played by 5th and 6th graders: Macy B. as Jannie Fever, Emily K. as Venus Andmars, Curtis I. as East Westman, Jaxon B. as George Tarmack, Kyle A. as Hal Nickels and Caitlyn G. as Donna Howard.

Pre-show, the performers, their families and friends enjoyed hot cocoa, cider, and cookies in a special ‘Jingle and Mingle’ pre-show reception.

The program was so well received that the Academy took their ‘show on the road’ and gave a special onsite performance on December 6th at the Amelia Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. The residents were thrilled to watch the well-prepared actors and listen to the glorious story and songs. And the students were equally excited about performing their show a second time.


Upper school students as the Peanuts in A Charlie Brown Christmas. From left, Katya B. as Shermie, Cameron M. as Schroeder, Quinton D. as Pigpen, Greg H. as Snoopy, Kelly F. as Violet, and Emma H. as Lucy.

Not to be outdone, Upper School students, led by teacher Jason Morris, performed A Charlie Brown Christmas on December 4th for about 150 family and friends. Based on the classic animated television special that has delighted children and adults for more than five decades, the play was a resounding success.

It was also a memorable start to the holiday season for the audience as they watched Charlie Brown and all his friends come to understand that Christmas means a great deal more than just brightly colored light, parties and getting gifts. No forlorn and forgotten little fir tree has ever meant so much to so many!


Upper school students admire Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. From left, Summer C. as Skater, Katya B. as Shermie, Layne R. as Linus, Cameron M. as Schoreder, Emma H. (in the back) as Lucy, Nathan G. as Charlie Brown, Quinton D. as Pigpen, and Kelly F. as Violet.

The overwhelming response of all who saw these programs was gratitude that the true meaning of Christmas is being taught and celebrated within the community, rather than simple materialism.

Amelia Academy stresses the importance of faith and community outreach to their student body throughout the year. Performing Christmas programs that proactively address faith and the ‘reason for the season’ is an important part of a faith-based education that emphasizes morality and integrity along with academics.

Sharing their holiday spirit with the community and Nursing Home residents is just one overt manifestation of the outreach efforts and community service projects that AA students perform during the year. The Academy believes that participation in these projects strengthens the students’ moral growth and their commitment to the community where they live.