Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Hunter H. Delivers Chapel Talk

2018, May 1: – The purchase of two Holstein calves was the beginning of new challenges, said Hunter H. in his Chapel Talk, delivered on April 25. “It was one of my first big leaps of faith,” he said, especially since he was in Lower School at the time.

Joining the family business of farming meant taking on responsibilities such as feeding the calves twice a day. After a few months, the feeding schedule was reduced to once a day. He also learned a lot through the process. “It taught me to be patient since they take so long to grow to marketable size,” he said. From that point on, however, Hunter said, “I helped my Dad with the cows every chance I could.”

The reward comes when the cows are sold. Hunter said he works hard to ensure he gets the best price. However, he admitted that “a lot of it is beyond my control.” Even though Hunter said he is known for avoiding stress, he checks the market reports regularly and worries when the cows are sold.

Hunter’s plans for his life are centered around building his own business. The hard work of such a venture is a reality. “I enjoy seeing my progress after a long day of work,” Hunter said. “The feeling of accomplishment is worth all the effort.”

He also knows about the importance of self-confidence in any venture. “I try to have a positive attitude toward each day,” Hunter said, “knowing I am doing what I am meant to do.” He knows that some will express doubt, but that will not deter him. In fact, he said that “proving them wrong is the best feeling.”

Working to create a business has brought challenges. Fences have needed repairing, and Hunter has had to deal with cows getting out when a tree falls on a fence in the middle of the night. “Nothing is more frustrating than chasing cows in the dark,” he said, “unless it is also storming.”

The difficult times have never proved more than Hunter could handle. He looks forward to the responsibilities inherent in having his own business. And, he encouraged his fellow students to take advantage of opportunities that include responsibility. “You never know where taking responsibility might lead you in life,” he said. “I also think that, with the right mentality, anyone can build an island.”

Attending Hunter’s Chapel Talk were his parents Julie and Lewis H., along with his sister Stephanie P. and nephew Luke. Also present were his aunt and uncle, Pamela and Taylor H. Other guests included family friends, Pam and Damon M.

Family, guests, and members of the senior class attended a reception following the chapel talk program.