Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior David S. Delivers Chapel Talk

2018, April 13 – Since the 19th century, baseball has been called “America’s pastime.” David S. echoed this sentiment in his Chapel Talk, delivered on April 11. “It is a sport that has made a big difference in my life,” he said, “and many others here, too.”

David reminisced about playing for Amelia’s league when he was young. “Those games were entertaining and stress-free,” he said. “My childhood every spring and fall was exciting,” Even though he said that his teams never won tournament games, they had fun. “I was just a kid who loved to play baseball,” he said.

In middle school, David admitted that playing sports as an AA Patriot became more complicated. For one thing, he had to focus on his Academy work so that he could remain eligible. The effort to succeed came easily in history, a subject he enjoys. However, his motivation lagged in other courses. “I have learned that I cannot focus on just what I enjoy, such as history or sports,” he said.

As a member of the junior varsity and varsity teams, David has remained committed to playing his favorite sport. In recent years, the baseball program has been impacted by decreasing numbers of players. Even though he has been discouraged at times, David said that he hopes the program will grow to become more competitive in the coming years. “I want to be able to come back and watch a game of competitive baseball,” he said.

Despite the challenges he has faced, David has valued his time at the Academy. He is glad to have been a part of the “greatest class of people in the Commonwealth of Virginia.” As David looks to the future, his own and the Academy’s, he offered a quotation from Tesla CEO and Chairman, Elon Musk. “It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

As a student at the Academy, David has played basketball as well as baseball. He also has been a member of the audio-visual club.

Attending his Chapel Talk were his parents, Sandra and Jack S. Also among the special guests were fellow classmates and members of the varsity baseball team.

Following the chapel program, guests and members of the senior class attended a reception.