Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Jacob T. Delivers Chapel Talk

2018, May 15: – Change is a positive aspect of life, said Jacob T. in his Chapel Talk, delivered on May 9. During difficult times, he emphasized the importance of seeking opportunities for good outcomes.

When he was in the ninth grade, Jacob experienced the tragic loss of his best friend who died after an accident. “He was a great person, quite possibly the best person I knew,” Jacob said. “It is unknown the impact he could have had on humanity. In my mind, the opportunities are endless.”

Jacob said that he felt emotionally drained after his friend’s death. “I felt weak and powerless about the works of God upon the world.” He went on to add that he “was really backing down from my opportunities and ultimately resisting change.”

During the next year, in tenth grade at Amelia Academy, a classmate Caleb G. invited him to Younglife, “a group of teen-aged people reaching out to other teens who don’t know Jesus.” Jacob said that his decision to attend that first gathering proved extremely beneficial in his life. “Thinking back, it is the best change I’ve experienced in my life,” he said. From his viewpoint, God brought about a good change after a tragedy.

Jacob paid a special tribute to the Younglife leaders in Amelia, Jonathan and Katie B. “They are amazing. . . [and] have spent time with me, talking about the important topics in my life.” Jacob said that, in the future, he hopes to help others take the positive step of joining Younglife and growing in their Christian faith

Not all change leads to growth, however. When he was too young to make the decision, Jacob said he decided that he wanted to attend the University of Pittsburgh, even though his family members were West Virginia fans. Jacob held firm in his choice, but now he looks back with humor at his decision then. “Those choices don’t always matter in the grand scheme of things,” he said. In fact, he is glad that he was more flexible when the time came for his college decision and looks forward to attending Liberty University in the fall.

Regardless of the outcome, taking advantage of opportunities has proved beneficial in Jacob’s life. This spring, he took the unusual step of transferring to the Academy in his senior year. “I have gotten to play baseball one last season with some of my best friends,” he said. He also looks forward to sharing the moments leading to graduation with his classmates.

Attending Jacob’s Chapel Talk were his parents, Lynda and Aubrey T., along with his brother, Rylan. They attended a reception with members of the senior class following the chapel talk program.