Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior John B. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, December 13 – Being a new student in the ninth grade brings the challenge of making new friends. John B. described this experience in his Chapel Talk, delivered on Dec. 6. Not only did he make the adjustment, he said that “the people around me have made the past few years the best of my life.”

It was not easy at first. “My freshman year was probably my lowest point,” he said. Having attended a small home-school co-op, John found the new setting uncomfortable. Even into the beginning of sophomore year, John said that he was “virtually friendless.” the team. . . I decided that I was going to practice every single day,” he said.

During that time, John met the leader of Young Life in Amelia, Jonathan B. “He and his wife, Katie, are both truly amazing people,” John said. They invited him to Young Life events. He resisted at first because he didn’t want “those dorky older Christian guys telling me what to believe.”

He finally accepted the invitation and felt overwhelmed at first. However, he kept going “because people talked to me there, and everyone was nice to each other, and I felt loved.”

At a meeting, Jonathan showed the group a video inviting them to a Young Life camp that summer. “I wasn’t planning on going,” John said, “because it cost a lot of money.” However, he was inspired to attend when Jonathan convinced area businesses to sponsor the students. “They, like Jonathan, wanted kids like me to find God,” he said.

The week he spent at camp was the best of his life, John said. “I really got close to my friends whom I still have unbreakable bonds with to this day,” he said. On the last night of the camp, John said that he told Jonathan “I was ready to start my relationship with God, and he has been helping me through this journey ever since.”

Some of the people John met when he first came to the Academy have turned out to be his best friends. With them, he has “laughed the most, loved the most, and lived the most.” Earlier, in the ninth grade, John said that he “put some of them on a pedestal.” After they became his friends, he said that he “realized that we all have the same issues and insecurities.”

John had words of advice for his fellow students who might be struggling to make friends. “Put yourself out there, pray about it, say ‘yes’ to invitations. You have no idea the friends and memories you will make.”

In his years at the Academy, John has been active in the audio-visual and science clubs. He is a member of the National Honor Society and Beta Club, as well as the Academy’s Scholastic Bowl team.

Kameron expressed appreciation to his Academy family of teachers, students, and especially his classmates. “Since arriving to this school, I have accomplished and learned so much,” he said.

Attending his Chapel Talk were his parents, Jennifer and Jeff B., his sister Jessica R., and brother Jeremiah. His grandparents, Marilyn and John B., and Phyllis and John O. were in attendance. Also present were Jonathan and Katie B.

Guests and members of the class of 2018 attended a reception following the chapel talk program.