Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Andrew B. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, November 15 – In a world where talking has become amplified by social media, texting, and email, we are all striving to be heard. Rather, we should focus on listening, said senior Andrew B. in his Chapel Talk, delivered on Nov. 15 at Amelia Academy.

The demands of being a student with academic requirements, sports commitments, and social life can be challenging. In fact, Andrew asserted that the job of being a student is “no small task,” especially for those with collegiate aspirations.

In considering these demands, Andrew provided a piece of advice for his fellow students. Without a hint of sarcasm, he said, “You need to shut up.” In fact, he said that being quiet has helped him and could be useful in all facets of high school life, even with friends.

In the classroom, he said that “where one is silent, one learns.” He added that “one also gets on the teacher’s good side.” On a humorous note, Andrew said that there are social advantages to being quiet. “Being the introverted but wise type of person is very helpful in bettering people’s opinion of you.” Knowing when to be quiet and listen can be a sign of maturity, he said, and this is something he strives for in his own life.

In the athletic arena, listening to the coach creates an advantage for the team. Andrew cited an example from his childhood when he played flag football. He enjoyed playing the sport but noted the problems that arose when the coach tried to go over a play while the players were talking to each other.

As a senior looking back on his years in school, Andrew said that learning to be quiet has really helped him. If his fellow students follow his example, he said that they may find that “the world is a lot more interesting than [they] might realize.”

Those who know Andrew at the Academy are aware of his passion for music and art. As a member of the audio-visual club, Andrew also has occasional opportunities to hone his stand-up comedy skills at various events. He looks forward to continuing these pursuits next year in college. In his introductory remarks, Mr. Rodney Taylor, Head of School, noted that Andrew is a “voice of reason and quiet leadership” among his peers.

Attending his Chapel Talk, were his parents, Cindy and John B. Mrs. B. is a member of the Academy faculty. Also present was his sister Hannah B., along with family friend Mike M.

Guests and members of the senior class attended a reception following the chapel talk program.