Amelia Academy

“Patriots at Play” Becoming a Reality

2017, May 8 – Amelia Academy is rapidly making headway on their new “Patriots At Play’ playground.  For the past few months, a special committee comprised of students, parents, alumni, staff & patrons have been quietly raising funds to move forward on a new multi-purpose outdoor activity area to ensure that all Amelia Academy Patriots have a safe place to play and develop their physical dexterity. 

Jennifer Hix Hayghe & Jesse Roberts are co-chairwomen of the “Patriots At Play” Fund Committee. The team has met with great success so far in raising money for the new playground.

Integral to the plan for “Patriots at Play” is a large, decorative Memorial Arch, which will be tiled with plaques recognizing the contributions made by individuals, groups, businesses and sponsors who donate to AA’s Patriots at Play Fund.

“The Memorial Arch will create a truly unique and vibrant entry for our “Patriots At Play” center,” Roberts commented.

“We have reached just over 60% of our goal and are eager to raise the rest over the next few weeks, so we can install new equipment this summer,” Hayghe said.

The new ‘Patriots At Play” playground will address the physical development of the Academy’s student body, with a special emphasis on quality playground equipment for pre-K, kindergarten and Lower School students.  Colorful, expandable new equipment will be installed that is age-appropriate and safe for 3-5 year olds, as well as older students up to age 12.

Their plan is to create the “Patriots At Play” center in stages. A new jungle gym that includes slides, ladders & swings will accommodate multiple children and activities simultaneously. It is part of Phase I.  A part of the existing playground will be re-graded and playground-approved mulch will be brought in for the new equipment. 

Existing equipment such as basketball hoops and other play areas will also be upgraded as funds are available.   The committee anticipates that much of the work on the “Patriots at Play” space will be completed by volunteers, students and alumni to ensure the funds raised are put to the best possible use. 

By Jean Tremaine


An artist’s rendering of the proposed tiled arch.