Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Rebecca A. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, April 10 – Growing up in a big family has become increasingly rare. For Rebecca A., having an older brother, a twin, and three younger sisters has been “very interesting, but in a good way.” She described the experience in her chapel talk, delivered on March 31.

Her brother Wil was someone to emulate for Rebecca, a self-described tomboy who spent her childhood outdoors. On one occasion, she described joining his birthday party despite her mother’s effort to keep her inside.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when Wil handed me a light saber,” she said. To prove her ability to join in their game, she “started swinging that sword at one of his friends. I won’t go into detail,” she said, “but I won.”

Wil has also been a good friend, making time for her even when he was in his first year at VMI. “He heard I was having a tough week and called to see if I was okay,” said Rebecca. “He will always be someone I look up to and admire.”

Having a twin meant having a competitor when they were younger. In fact, Rebecca said that she and Rachel were not the best of friends. “Rachel was the indoor, sweet and innocent, child,” she joked.

As the years passed, Rebecca said that they grew closer and became “almost” friends. “I can honestly say that now she is my closest friend and confidante,” said Rebecca. “She knows exactly how I’m feeling and can make me laugh more than anyone.”

Her younger sisters, Faith, Hope, and Anna, ages eight through thirteen, have taught Rebecca many lessons. From them, she has learned “patience, responsibility, and how to treat others.”

In a special tribute to her parents, Rebecca said that they are the “most selfless people I know.” Of her father, Rebecca said that “he is the kindest and hardest-working man I’ve ever met.”

She said that her mom should “simply get an award for surviving so many years with us kids.” She admires her mother’s ability to juggle the family’s schedules, “usually with a smile.” Her mother is a role model, and Rebecca said she hopes to find a man “half as good as my dad.”

Knowing she has the love and support of her parents and siblings is of paramount importance in her life, said Rebecca. “I also have triple the memories of most other families.” She encouraged her fellow students to “cherish every memory you have . . . and every moment you spend with your family.”

Since coming to the Academy in the ninth grade, Rebecca has been active in all facets of the school. She is a member of the National Honor Society. She has served as a Student Government Organization (SGO) officer and participated in the Cabaret and Veteran’s Day programs.

As a student-athlete, Rebecca has excelled, leading her volleyball and basketball teams to first-place in the season and conference tournaments. She has also helped lead the Lady Patriots in the state basketball tournaments, including a first-place state ranking for most of the 2016-17 season.  

This year, Rebecca was named all-conference and first all-state team in both basketball and volleyball, and conference most valuable player in basketball. She achieved this same level of recognition during her junior year, the first Academy athlete to receive such high accolades as a student-athlete. 

Attending her chapel talk were her parents, Angie and Sam A., both Academy alumni. Her siblings, Wil, Rachel, Faith, Hope, and Anna were also present. Other family attending were her grandparents, Pat and Vernon H.

Following the chapel talk program, guests and the senior class attended a reception in honor of Rebecca.