Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Abbi S. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, April 3 – “If you didn’t know anything about me, now you know that I love music,” said Abbi S. in her chapel talk, delivered on March 22. Music was the subject of her speech, specifically the life lessons in songs by the band The Eagles.

Her entire family loves music, said Abbi. She grew up listening to the favorite bands of her parents. When she was younger, she was known for her ability to memorize lyrics. It was during car rides with her dad that she first discovered The Eagles. “Every song had a deeper meaning, which made me think,” she said.

One song, “Already Gone,” by the band is a song “about how you can’t live in the shadows . . . you should have dreams and goals for yourself,” Abbi said. For her, following her dream to go further in basketball brought her to Amelia Academy for her senior year.

Another Eagles’ song, “Take it to the Limit” meant more than a superficial tribute to the band’s lifestyle. Instead, after watching a documentary on the band, Abbi learned that “the story behind the song is to keep pushing and not give up. Inspired by the song lyrics, Abbi said that she will continue to “push [herself] next year to make sure that possibilities continue to emerge.”

Finally, Abbi spoke about the song, “Wasted Time.” She said that many people wait for events to happen in their lives and do not put enough time into reaching for goals. “I always convince myself that I’m doing way more than I’m actually doing,” Abbi joked. On a more serious note, she said that she and her fellow students do have time to “figure out who we are and who we want to be.”

Abbi said that she will always remember what she has learned from the message behind The Eagles’ songs. “They made me realize that we should push through our limits and that our time has not been wasted if we are pursuing our dreams.”

As a new student at the Academy this year, Abbi took advantage of new opportunities, such as playing varsity volleyball. “Abbi quickly made herself at home,” said Rodney L. Taylor, head of school. “She was a key contributor to our volleyball and basketball teams,” he added.

Abbi also gained a sister when foreign student Monica E. joined the S. family.

Attending her chapel talk were Abbi’s parents, Jeannette and William S. Also present were her grandmother, Patsy S., her “sister” Monica, her brother Christian S., her niece Carter, and cousin, Jessica S. Friends among the special guests included classmate Erin A. and fellow students, Elly A., Jessica M., and John B.

Guests and members of the senior class attended a reception following the chapel talk program.