Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Trey C. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, March 27 – “God gave me the best family and friends I could ask for,” said Billy Ray C., III, in his chapel talk, delivered on March 15. They are a blessing, he said. “They have given me a firm foundation of love and strength that gives me wisdom,” he said.

Some of the good influences from his family have come in the form of lessons. His father, who hired Trey at age 12 to work in his painting company, taught him that he would have to work hard. “My dad told me that if you want something, no one is going to give it to you,” Trey said.

Hunting is a family tradition that Trey plans to pass on to the next generation. He has enjoyed spending time in the “beauty of God’s creation on quiet Saturday mornings.” Trey added that he has also learned the value of patience during the sometimes long wait for a shot.

His religious faith has been nurtured by his mother who “encourages me to walk with God daily.” He also expressed appreciation for the friendship of his brother Caleb.

Trey offered a special tribute to his grandmother who recently passed away. Trey said that she was always his best friend and the person he turned to when he needed to talk to someone.

Growing up in Amelia, Trey said that he has been blessed to find friends who have positively influenced his life. That doesn’t mean he didn’t make mistakes along the way. Trey admitted to poor choices when he was younger, and credited the Academy with helping him grow in knowledge and wisdom.

It was also at the Academy where he met his best friend Cody B. “He and I had a lot in common, and he has definitely been a blessing,” said Trey. Once again, however, other lessons have come from more difficult times. “I’ve learned that when people walk out on you, you don’t chase them.” He explained that the loss may be part of God’s plan. “It may just mean that God has a different plan for their life or yours,” he said.

As for his fellow classmates, he said that many will be taking difference paths after graduation. “I hope that I have learned something from you, and that a part of me will remain in your memory,” said Trey.

Family and friends are an integral part of Trey’s life, and his chapel talk encapsulated that message. However, Trey said that it is important to remember that “each day on earth is not promised . . . it is a gift.” He shared a quotation from 2 Corinthians 6:2. “I heard you in an acceptable time, and I helped you in the day of salvation . . . now is the day of salvation.”

Another favorite quote of Trey’s is from General Stonewall Jackson, “My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed, because God has fixed my time for death.” That trust in God will carry us through the difficult times and lead us to appreciate our blessings.

Trey expressed his appreciation for their guidance to his parents, Kimberly and Billy Ray C., Jr., who were present for his chapel talk, along with his brother Caleb. Also in attendance were family members including his aunts, Vicky C. and Connie D.; his uncle, Bobby H., and his cousin Dylan An. Family friends included Karen A. and Pastor Mark W. His Academy friends among the special guests included Cody B., Wavel A., Tyler G., Wilbert A., and Ryan A.

During his years at the Academy, Trey has been active in behind-the-scenes work for Academy programs, such as the annual Veterans’ Day and Cabaret programs. He has also served as a class representative in the Student Government Organization and as his class president this year.

Guests and members of the class of 2017 attended a reception following the chapel talk program.