Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Royce C. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, March 13 – “Learning, like breathing, is a vital part of life,” said Royce C. in his chapel talk, delivered at Amelia Academy on March 1. He added that learning is not an involuntary action like breathing. “We have to put our minds to learning, and it can be a challenge,” he said.

Royce was homeschooled until this year when he joined the senior class at the Academy. Wherever he has learned, Royce said that there are certain situations that have offered the best lessons.

The first way he has learned the most is from failure. “Failure teaches you about yourself,” he said. “It teaches you about your limits and how you can improve.”

One of Royce’s biggest failures came at a state shotgun championship. During the competition, his shooting glasses broke. A seemingly unimportant event affected his confidence performance negatively. “Until that point,” he said, “I had relied on everything being exactly the same every time I shot.”

From that experience of failure, Royce said that he learned that he needed “to practice with different glasses and with or without a shooting glove. . . I began to learn how to adapt and remain confident in my abilities, no matter the situation.”

The second lesson opportunity, said Royce, comes when we admit we don’t know something. Admitting that he feels frustrated when he doesn’t understand a concept. This feeling inspires him to work harder.

Some people turn down help even when they don’t know the answer, said Royce. As hard as it can be to admit, he has found that asking for help can make all the difference. “When I have consistently missed the same target again and again, I have asked my shooting coach what I was doing wrong,” said Royce. “After using my coach’s advice, I’d hit my target nine times out of ten.”

Finally, Royce emphasized the importance of asking questions when we don’t understand or need help. He shared an experience he had during a Spanish course. “It was a struggle for me,” he said. He asked for help from another student, who just happened to be his younger sister. However, he said, “it worked. She helped me study, and my test scores came up.”

Learning will be a part of our lives, said Royce to his fellow students. “Knowledge is a gift we must get for ourselves . . .  something we should all strive for in life,” he said.

Royce expressed his appreciation to his family, especially his mom, friends, coaches, and teachers for “fostering my learning over the past eighteen years.”

As a new student this year, Royce has embraced opportunities to learn something new. Even though he had never played on a basketball team, he joined the varsity team and said that he “learned so much from my teammates and was encouraged in countless ways.”

Attending his chapel talk were Royce’s parents, Melissa and David C., as well as his sister Gillian. Also present were his grandparents, Diane and William David C., and Barbara and Roy G.

The guests and the senior class attended a reception following the chapel talk program.