Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Cody B. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, March 6 – Life can be experienced as “one big adventure,” said Cody B. in the opening of his chapel talk, delivered on February 22. With this attitude, Cody said he has had adventures with his family and friends on vacations. However, he also said that learning has been a part of his adventure.

“On any adventure,” he said, “we have more control than we realize.” For example, Cody said that when he first came to the Academy in the ninth grade, he wasn’t certain about the decision. However, he soon recognized the opportunities he would have. “I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my high school years anywhere else.”

His sense of adventure has led Cody to discover that he likes working with cars and trucks. “I didn’t know until I started learning more. Now, it’s one of my passions that are going to help me stay on my adventure through life.”

Cody said that he has also had a lot of fun adventures like going to the mountains, the beach, fishing trips, and even getting lost with a friend looking for a hunting property. “All of these adventures have taught me how beautiful God’s creation is . . . and created lots of memories.” He particularly emphasized the importance of his family. “Friends are important in your life,” he said, “but your family comes before them. If a buddy wants to hang out, but my dad has asked me to go fishing with him, I’d choose to fishing and ask if my buddy can go with us.”

Offering advice to his fellow students, Cody said to “make your adventure your own wherever it takes you. Turn your fairy tale dreams for life into your lifestyle. As someone told me, ‘if you can dream it, you can do it.’” The most successful people “saw an opportunity for an adventure and took it. Now, it’s our turn,” he said.

Cody is known at Amelia Academy for his willingness to offer assistance in whatever needs to be done. He has worked with the Cabaret and Grandparents’ Day programs, and he was among the first students to share in the adventure of establishing the Academy’s Pipe and Drum Corp.

“Cody is always willing to assist anyone at the Academy, doing almost everything asked of him. He is a very helpful man,” said Rodney Taylor, head of school.

Attending his chapel talk were his mother, Malinda B., and his brother Jaxon and Steven B., and Dahlia W. Also present were his grandparents, Lou and Mike B. Special guests also included Patsy H. and his classmates and friends Wavel A. and Trey C.

Following the chapel talk program, the guests and senior class attended a reception.