Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Maxwell M. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, February 27 –   Many people wonder why bad things happen to them, said Maxwell M. in his chapel talk, delivered on February 15. He admitted that he also has asked himself, “Why me,” during his life. However, he has learned that “we just have to trust God throughout the good and bad because everything happens for a reason.”

During his childhood, Maxwell missed having his father in his life. Even though his mother was a steady and supportive presence, he sometimes wondered why he had to endure the absence of his father. Looking back, he has realized that the influence of his grandfather and uncles was important. Also, his stepfather Jarvis A. has become a father to him. “I’m blessed to have someone like him in my life,” said Maxwell. “I feel as if God wanted me to go through not having my dad in my life to give me a better way of living.”

Another event that changed the course of Maxwell’s life came when he was severely injured playing basketball with a fractured tibia and a knee injury. After his injury, Maxwell felt that he could not play as he had before. “After I recovered,” he said, “I could keep up with my teammates. I just wasn’t one hundred percent and couldn’t move as well as the other players.”

Some people, including his former coach, were convinced he wasn’t trying. Believing that he wasn’t mentally or physically ready, Maxwell chose to forgo playing the sport he loved for another season.

During that time, he made the difficult decision to choose a different school. “I wasn’t sure what school I wanted to attend; I just knew I had to leave my school if I wanted to continue playing basketball.” Eventually, he found himself at Amelia Academy which seemed “pretty strange because I was so used to big schools.” He has come to value the years he has spent at the Academy and realizes that “God put me through all the trouble I had to get me to a better place.”

Maxwell offered similar advice for his fellow students. “We all go through hard times,” he said, “but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe in God and what He has for us because everything happens for a reason.”

Over the past two years, Maxwell has played an integral role on the varsity basketball team. In the recent Virginia Colonial Conference tournament, held February 24-25, Maxwell was named tournament MVP after leading the team to win the tournament title.

In attendance for his chapel talk were his mother Elizabeth M. and Jarvis A. Also among the special guests were his teammates and classmates, Da’Juan E. and Leland H.

The guests and members of the senior class attended a reception following the chapel talk program.