Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Noah R. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, February 6 –    Everyone has regrets, said Noah R. in his Chapel Talk, delivered on February 1. “It seems that no matter how happy we are or how good our lives have been, we will always regret something.” Noah highlighted the positive and negative aspects of dealing with life’s regrets, especially the small but unforgettable humiliating moments.

Noah asked his audience to consider the “little voice in your head that tells you when you should not do something.” That “little voice” protects us from and doing things we will regret. However, Noah also said that sometimes that protection against making mistakes can have a downside when we don’t take any risks.

As a child, Noah said that he was afraid of the rides at the fair. He enjoys the rides today, and said, “I wish I had experienced some of those rides in the past because they are a really great thing to enjoy.”

Of course, there are times when we ignore the warning and go ahead with a bad choice. “We have all done that incredibly stupid thing that makes us want to go back and smack ourselves for doing something so dumb,” said Noah. Inevitably, we try to avoid being embarrassed and that can lead us to be “overly cautious,” he added.

Without taking risks, Noah emphasized that opportunities will pass by. “Without ever taking chances in our lives,” he said, “we would never go anywhere. . . never grow up into the people we were meant to be.”

Noah said that we must all come to terms with our regrets and overcome our fears. “Fear is what causes us to shy away from decisions as the memories of mistakes appear,” he said. It is important to realize that fear should not control us, Noah said.
Even though it is not easy, “we have to keep living our lives no matter our mistakes and shortcomings,” Noah said. “Forge on past your regrets,” he advised his fellow students, “and enjoy your triumphs and the things that really matter.”

As a student at Amelia Academy, Noah has served with distinction in many organizations. He is a member of the National Honor Society, Beta Club, and has served as his class treasurer for the past four years. He has participated in the Academy’s Scholastic Bowl team and competed in the annual Forensics competition. He has also been a member of the Drama Club and performed in the Academy’s Cabaret programs.

In attendance for his chapel talk was his mother, Sherry R., an alumnus of the Academy. Also present were his sister Sarah, an Academy seventh-grader, his grandparents, Linda and Stanley J., and his grandmother Mary Jean C. Other members of his family who were present included Barbara and Garland C., and Steve C.

Guests and members of the senior class enjoyed a reception after the program.