Amelia Academy

photoAA Senior Wavel A. Delivers Chapel Talk

2017, January 23 – The support from family and friends should not be taken for granted, said Wavel A. in her chapel talk, delivered on January 19. Quoting her late grandfather, she said, “If you don’t have your family, you don’t have anything.”

Wavel includes her friends as part of her family and noted the importance of the bond with these people in our lives. “They will tell us the truth when no one else will,” she said. They give us a better feeling about everything . . . and they are always going to be there.”

Wavel emphasized that her parents represent the most important of the bonds of family. She knows now that they have been right in their advice even when she didn’t want to listen. “They were just looking out for me because that’s what families do,” she said.

She also said that her mom is her best friend. “My mom is my role model, and she means the world to me,” said Wavel. “We share each other’s ups and downs as well as some really funny moments,” she added.

Having fun has been a big part of her relationships with her three older brothers. However, she has also known that “they are always there for me if I ever need them.” The same is true for the rest of her family, which includes four more brothers and two sisters. “Even though I may not get along or agree with my siblings all the time, I will always love them no matter what,” she said.

Wavel’s classmates at the Academy are part of her family because they do care for each other. Two of her classmates, Cody B. and Trey C., along with junior Hunter H. are three of her close friends. “Our bond of friendship will never be replaced,” she said, “and they will always be family to me.”

Another friend who she considered family was Hunter W., who passed away last year. “He was a person who could just light up a room,” she said. “He was a person who loved his family dearly . . . Hunter’s passing made me realize how short life can be.”

Family members and friends should work hard to maintain a good relationship, Wavel said. “You should make the relationship the first priority and try to resolve differences. And, even when you disagree, sometimes you have to admit that they were right all along.”

During her years at the Academy, Wavel has been a member of the drama club and participated in the annual Forensics competition. She also played varsity volleyball.

Special guests for Wavel’s chapel talk included her parents, Karen and Victor A., along with her siblings, Rupert, Calvin, Emma, Wendell, and Wilbert, all students at the Academy. Also in attendance was her grandmother, Barbara M.

Guests and members of her class joined Wavel for a reception following her chapel talk.