Amelia Academy

AA Honors Veterans

2016, November 21 – On Monday, November 14, Amelia Academy held a Veterans Day Program to honor our Veterans. Amelia Academy students honored the Veterans with songs, poems, recitations and the reading of the names of the fallen Veterans. Amelia Academy faculty member and retired Veteran Mr. Bill Childress, TSgt-Ret, USAF organized this event. This years’ guest speaker was Mr. Jerry Wyngaard, Col-Ret, USAF. Mr. Wyngaard spoke on how being a member of the Air Force had an affect on his entire family.


Pictured is Mr. Wyngaard addressing the Veterans and audience.


Amelia Academy third grader Christian W. recites some of the names of the fallen Veterans while fellow students Molly L., Caleb S., Curtis I., Ryan M. and Macy B. wait their turn.


Amelia Academy students honor the flag during Monday’s Veterans Day Program.

photoLocal Veterans were present for the Amelia Academy Veterans Day Program.

photoAmelia Academy junior Travis B. shares a moment with his grandfather Mr. Bruce B. Mr. B. is an Air Force Veteran.


The Lower School students sing ”America the Beautiful” for the Veterans.

photoThe Amelia Academy Pipe and Drum Corps performed “Amazing Grace” during the Veterans Program.

Ephotomily K., Jaxon B., Hope A., Julie K., Cole D., Madelyn H. and Molly M. wait patiently for their part of the program.

photoMolly M. recites the names of the fallen Veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

photoMrs. Christine Anderson talks with Lt. Col. Mike Whitaker after the program.