Amelia Academy

Amelia Academy Sells Florida Fruit

photo2016, October 17 – The Amelia Academy senior class and yearbook staff are again selling fresh fruit from Florida. The fruit comes in 4/5 bushel cartons and is scheduled for delivery the second week in December.

The cost of the fruit is:  navel oranges - $31.00; tangelos - $27.00; Hamlin oranges - $26.00; and pink grapefruit - $28.00.
A fresh fruit sampler is available for $30.00. It includes four grapefruits, six navel oranges, six tangelos, six apples, and four pears.

Fruit may be ordered by calling the school at 804-561-2270 or contacting a member of the senior class or yearbook staff.  The deadline for ordering is November 14.