Amelia Academy

2015-16 Senior Chapel Talk Series

photoAA Senior Tori G. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, May 9 –  Playing basketball has been an integral part of Tori G.’s life since she was eight years old and took her father’s number from when he played. In her Chapel Talk, delivered on May 4, Tori described her journey toward a goal of playing beyond high school.

In the tenth grade, this goal brought her to Amelia Academy. “Over the summer of 2013, my godfather suggested that I change schools.” She was hesitant at first but decided to take the opportunity after visiting the Academy. “When I met with Coach [Shanaberger], he described the pride and accomplishments ... Read more

photoAA Senior Trevor L. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, May 2 –  Even as he prepares for the changes ahead as a graduate of Amelia Academy, Trevor L. said that he has already experienced “drastic changes” over the past two years. These changes were the subject of his Chapel Talk, delivered on April 27.

On his first day at Amelia Academy last year, Trevor noticed that everyone knew his name by the end of his first day. Coming from a public high school in Chesterfield, this was a very noticeable difference.

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photoAA Senior Emily G. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, April 18 –  The love and support of her adopted family have helped her emerge from a traumatic childhood, said Emily G. in her chapel talk, delivered on April 13 at Amelia Academy. “They’ve helped me and watched me grow, and expressed their pride in the young person I’ve become,” said Emily.

As a young child, Emily was left deeply impacted by the environment created by her biological parents who struggled to support their children. The household was marked by addiction, violence, and poverty. Emily said that her parents loved her and her brothers but were unable to care for them after her father was arrested. Read more

photoAA Senior Korey T. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, April 11 – “Finishing high school at Amelia Academy was the best decision of my life,” said Korey T. in his Chapel Talk, delivered on April 7. Of course, the past two years have brought challenges. However, Korey emphasized that he has been able to shift his priorities and strengthen his religious faith.

At the Academy, Korey said that he began to prioritize academics and athletics in a community that supported these endeavors. “Being in the community of Amelia ...

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photoAA Senior Dustin M. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, March 21 – His family has helped him overcome difficult challenges in his life said Dustin M. in his chapel talk, delivered at Amelia Academy on March 17. “Your true family will be there for you no matter what,” he said.

One of the toughest situations Dustin described was not having his father in his life. “When I was younger, my dad left me,” he said. “Growing up, I didn’t have my dad to look up to, so I looked up to my grandfather,” he said.

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photoAA Senior Brett G. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, March 14 –“Cherish life,” said Brett G. in her chapel talk, delivered on March 9 at Amelia Academy. For Brett and many of her fellow seniors, they learned this lesson firsthand when they lost a friend and fellow classmate Andrew P. Brett spoke about him and others in her life that has passed away. “Even though death is a part of life,” she said, “I think it is in some ways more difficult when someone is taken suddenly.”

Brett and Andrew were in the same class beginning in kindergarten. “Andrew was one of those kids who always had a smile on his face and knew how to cheer you up,” she said. The shock of his passing left a deep ... Read more

photoAA Senior Imrane A. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, March 7 – Two years ago, he never imagined that he would be in America, said Imrane A. in his Chapel Talk, delivered on March 2. However, he said, “Here I am.”

Imrane spoke about his life in Benin, Africa, where he went to school and played basketball. He has four siblings and lived with an aunt after his father passed away. One day, he said, he received a text message from his friend Kevin K. who was attending Amelia Academy. “He [Kevin] thought I would like to go to Amelia Academy.” Read more

photoAA Senior Rachel B. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, Feb 29 – Become more accepting of difference, Rachel B. challenged her fellow students. Friends do not have to have the same interests, she said in her chapel talk, delivered on Feb. 24. In fact, she emphasized that differences can “make your life more exciting and adventurous.”

As a young student in elementary school, Rachel experienced the all-too-common exclusion by one group of friends. That situation was resolved but re-emerged two years later when Rachel came to the Academy in the fifth grade. Read more

photoAA Senior Vance A. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, Feb 22 – “God has a plan for everyone,” said Vance A. in the opening of his chapel talk, delivered at Amelia Academy on February 18. Knowing that God has a plan for him has led Vance to take advantage of opportunities and make good decisions. He encouraged his fellow students to do the same, knowing that God has a plan for them as well.

It was in ninth grade that Vance realized that he also would have “to go to God for healing.” His friend and classmate Andrew P. passed away from injuries suffered in a car accident. Read more

photoAA Senior Ivy H. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, Feb 12 –Broadening horizons was the message from Amelia Academy senior Ivy H. during her Feb. 10 Chapel Talk. For Ivy, she has taken advantage of travel to expand her worldview. She also said that making friends from other countries has helped.

A student at the Academy since third grade, Ivy has experienced the advantages of a small school. “The Academy helps students get involved in school activities and show their school spirit,” she said. “This is one part of the Academy that I appreciate and will truly miss when I am gone.” Read more

photoAA Senior Alexandria A. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, Feb 8 – Her religious faith helped Alexandria A. overcome a difficult time in her life. The Amelia Academy senior said in her Chapel Talk on Feb. 3 that “through adversity, God can and will help us if we let Him.” Alexandria said that the ideal family life of a “mother and father raising their children under one roof” is often not the reality.

Her parents were divorced when she was very young, and her father gained full custody. Growing up with her father and grandparents, she rarely saw her mother who had moved away. “Every now and then, she sent a birthday or Christmas present . . . we would only talk a couple of times a year,” Alexandria said. Eventually, even the phone calls stopped. Read more

photoAA Senior Jacquelyn S. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, Feb 1 – Jacquelyn S., an Amelia Academy senior, took the podium on Wednesday, Jan. 20, to deliver her Chapel Talk. A student at the Academy for fourteen years, like several of her classmates, Jacquelyn said that she has enjoyed the small, close-knit school. She likes the fact that the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools are in one building.

In her speech, Jacquelyn said that she has particularly appreciated the opportunity to gain experience toward her goal of teaching elementary education. This year, she took an independent studies class focusing on early childhood ... Read more

photoAA Senior Jacob R. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, Jan 19 – “Fourteen years of my life is a long time,” said Jacob R. in the opening of his Chapel Talk last Wednesday, Jan. 14. The fourteen years was a reference to the time he has been a student at Amelia Academy. In his remarks, Jacob said that it has been a great place to learn and prepare for college and beyond.

Jacob emphasized that the Academy gave him opportunities he would not have had at other schools. He has served president of the audio-visual club and is playing basketball. These opportunities are offered for all students at a small school ... Read more

photoAA Senior Logan H. Delivers Chapel Talk

2016, Jan 11 – Mistakes offer an opportunity to learn lessons, said Logan H. in his chapel talk, delivered on Jan. 7. This positive attitude has come from lessons learned from his own mistakes said Logan. In fact, he emphasized that his life changed for the better after challenges he faced. He made a decision to join the Amelia Emergency Squad.

After joining the local Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Logan was given the opportunity to attend Amelia Academy. At first, he was unsure about accepting the offer but decided to go ahead. As he said, “If I had not started working with EMS, I do not ... Read more

photoAA Senior Stacey M. Delivers Chapel Talk

2015, Dec 14 – Stacey M., a senior at Amelia Academy, kicked off this year’s Chapel Talks on Dec. 9. Each senior will take the podium between now and April to deliver a speech that provides a personal legacy. This is the ninth year that the Chapel Talk has been a requirement for graduation.

Stacey offered a reflection on the change in her life when she came to the Academy beginning in the tenth grade. Looking back on that time, she said ... Read more