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Our café offers items for sale during the morning break, at lunch, and for game concessions. Any group wanting to use the café for a fundraiser outside of school hours is welcome to do so. To reserve the café, please contact the head of school for approval and scheduling.

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Items Available Daily

Main Dishes
PB & J  (Grape
or Strawberry)
Chef Salad $4.00
Ham or Turkey Sub $3.00
Chicken Salad Sandwich $4.00
Ham or Turkey Wrap $3.50
Small Salad $2.00
Fruit Cups $1.00
Applesauce $1.00
Yogurt $1.50
Chips $1.00
Poptarts $1.00
Ice cream $1.00
Brownies $1.00
Brownie Sundae $2.00
Milk, Large $1.00
Lemonade $1.00
Juice Bottles $1.00
Gatorade $1.00
Bottled Water $1.00
Sodas $1.00