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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Daily Devotional: The Waiting Place

Tuesday April 24, 2018 by David H. Roper           
Read: Psalm 70 | Bible in a Year: 2 Samuel 19-20; Luke 18:1-23

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7

“Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for wind to fly a kite. Or waiting around for Friday night . . . . Everyone is just waiting”—or so Dr. Seuss, author of many children’s books, says.
So much of life is about waiting, but God is never in a hurry—or so it seems. “God has His hour and delay,” suggests an old, reliable saying. Thus we wait.
Waiting is hard. We twiddle our thumbs, shuffle our feet, stifle our yawns, heave long sighs, and fret inwardly in frustration. Why must I live with this awkward person, this tedious job, this embarrassing behavior, this health issue that will not go away? Why doesn’t God come through?
God’s answer: “Wait awhile and see what I will do.”
Waiting is one of life’s best teachers for in it we learn the virtue of . . . well, waiting—waiting while God works in us and for us. It’s in waiting that we develop endurance, the ability to trust God’s love and goodness, even when things aren’t going our way (Psalm 70:5).
But waiting is not dreary, teeth-clenched resignation. We can “rejoice and be glad in [Him]” while we wait (v. 4). We wait in hope, knowing that God will deliver us in due time—in this world or in the next. God is never in a hurry, but He’s always on time.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your loving presence. Help us to make the most of our waiting through trust in and service for You.
God is with us in our waiting.

David wrote Psalm 70 (a song of lament or complaint) from a place of waiting. He waited for God to deliver him, to save him from “those who want to take [his] life” and “desire [his] ruin” (vv. 1–2). We don’t know the setting and circumstances of this lament, but we do know that for years David ran from King Saul and his army who wished to kill him (1 Samuel 19:1–2, 11; 20:30–33; 21:10–15; 23:15). David also waited for years to rule Israel, even though the prophet Samuel had anointed him king while David (Jesse’s youngest son) still watched his father’s sheep and Saul still reigned (16:1–13). We see Psalm 70 stated (in slightly different words) in Psalm 40:11–17. Though David waited for deliverance—and endured hardship as he did—he was still able to exclaim wholeheartedly, “The Lord is great!” (40:16; 70:4) and “You are my help and my deliverer” (40:17; 70:5).
When have you cried out to God, longing for Him to rescue you from a difficult situation? How can you praise Him as you wait?
Alyson Kieda

Mark Your Calendar:

April 27: Patriot Games/Field Day
May 4: Global Market May 4: Middle School Dance - 7:10 pm
May 5: LPT "Build the Doors" fish fry/BBQ fundraiser
May 17: Exams 1 and 2, dismiss at 11:30 am
May 18: Exam 3, exam review, dismiss at 11:30 am
May 20: Baccalaureate, 4 pm
May 21: Exams 4 and 5, dismiss at 11:30 am
May 22: Exams 6 and 7, dismiss at 11:30 AM
May 22: Kindergarten Graduation, 10 am
May 23: Teacher workday, 9 am to 3 pm (students do not attend)
May 24: Awards ceremony, dismiss at 10:30 am
May 24: Graduation ceremony, 7 pm
June 9 (Saturday): LPT Blood drive in the Gym, 9am to 3 pm

April Birthdays:

A Happy April 2nd Birthday to Virginia F.! A Happy April 2nd Birthday to Curtis I.! A Happy April 10th Birthday to Jeremiah B.! A Happy April 10th Birthday to Gabriella P.! A Happy April 11th Birthday to Barit M.! A Happy April 11th Birthday to Getty T.! A Happy April 13th Birthday to Hannah K.! A Happy April 15th Birthday to Grace W.! A Happy April 16th Birthday to Abigail D.! A Happy April 18th Cameron M.! A Happy April 19th Birthday to Willow M.! A Happy April 20th Birthday to Genevieve H.! A Happy April 21st Birthday to Olivia S.! A Happy April 23rd Birthday to Vera C.! A Happy April 25th Birthday to Macon H.! A Happy April 30th Birthday to Allison J.! A Happy April 30th Birthday to Elizabeth J.!

Meeting Period:

Monday: Weekly SGO Meeting; Tutorials
Tuesday: Tutorials
Wednesday: Senior CHapel Talk with Hunter H.; Tutorials
Thursday: Tutorials
Friday: Tutorials


Thank you to all the students, teachers, staff, and families who walked in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Amelia Schools’ Campus Walk! It was a wonderful day spreading awareness. The McShin Foundation, an addiction rehab center, marker project in front of the school represents those who died from addiction in 2017. ~ Karen Berry

**Please remember to return your individual spring pictures ASAP or turn in money if you are purchasing them to Mrs. Roberts in the office.

Teachers & Students that drive- Please remember to drive slowly and carefully when you pull in or out of the parking lot. Children can be anywhere, arrive early, and stay after school.

Students and parents of students who ride the bus: Please be at your stop early. Buses run on a tight schedule, if you make the bus wait they are late to the stops that follow you. ALSO: parents, please be at the pickup point on time in the afternoons . . .

Announcements for Teachers:


All basketball uniforms need to be turned in ASAP to Mrs. Anderson.


Monday: Practice
Tuesday: Game ~ Home vs. Kenston is CANCELLED due to weather. rescheduled for 4/27
Wednesday: Practice
Thursday: Practice
Friday: Game - Home vs. Kenston - 4:30 pm, **SENIOR GAME**



Monday: Practice
Tuesday: Game ~ Away vs. Kenston is CANCELLED due to weather; rescheduled TBA
Wednesday: Practice
Thursday: Game - Home vs. Richmond Christian School - 4:30 pm
Friday: Practice


Baseball & Softball 2018 Schedule:

4/24 (Tuesday) Kenston Away Cancelled(Softball only)
4/24 (Tuesday) Kenston Home Cancelled(Baseball - SENIOR GAME)
4/26 (Thurs) Richmond Christian Home 4:30 (Softball only)
4/27 (Fri) Kenston Home 4:30 pm (Baseball - SENIOR GAME)
5/1 (Tues) Southampton Away 4:30 - DOUBLE HEADER, SOFTBALL ONLY
5/1 (Tues) Southampton Away 4:30 - Baseball, ONE GAME
5/3 (Thurs) Tidewater Away 4:30 - Baseball AND Softball
5/7 VCC Quarterfinals at Higher Seed
5/8 VCC Semifinals at Richmond Christian
5/9 VCC Finals at Richmond Christian

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