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Monday, January 7, 2019

Daily Devotional: An Ordinary Man

Monday,  January 7, 2019  by Estera Pirosca Escobar            
Read: 1 Samuel 16:1–7  |Bible in a Year: Genesis 18–19; Matthew 6:1–18

People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

William Carey was a sickly boy, born to a humble family near Northampton, England. His future didn’t look too bright. But God had plans for him. Against all odds, he moved to India, where he brought incredible social reforms and translated the Bible into several Indian languages. He loved God and people, and accomplished many things for God.

David, son of Jesse, was an ordinary young man, the youngest in his family. He was seemingly an insignificant shepherd on the hills of Bethlehem (1 Samuel 16:11–12). Yet God saw David’s heart and had a plan for him. King Saul had been rejected by God for disobedience. While the prophet Samuel mourned Saul’s choices, God called Samuel to anoint a different king, one of Jesse’s sons.

When Samuel saw the handsome, tall Eliab, he naturally thought, “surely the Lord’s anointed stands here before the Lord” (v. 6). However, God’s strategy to select a king was much different than Samuel’s. In fact, God said no to each of Jesse’s sons, except the youngest one. Selecting David as king was definitely not a strategic move from God’s part, or so it seemed at first glance. What would a young shepherd have to offer his community, let alone his country?

How comforting to know that the Lord knows our hearts and has His plans for us.

Dear Lord, thank You that You care more about my heart’s attitude toward You than my outward beauty, possessions, or achievements.

God’s priority is your heart.

Samuel, whose name means “heard by God,” was Israel’s last judge as well as a priest and prophet. Samuel was born during the time of the judges at a turning point in Israel’s history. The son of Hannah and Elkanah, Samuel was dedicated to the Lord by his mother. As a little boy, Samuel went to live in the “house of the Lord at Shiloh,” the tabernacle (see 1 Samuel 1:24–28). There he was trained under the guidance of the priest Eli, and there he received a special calling from God (3:1–21). Samuel anointed the first king, Saul (chs. 9–10); and in today’s passage we see him preparing to anoint David, Saul’s replacement (16:1–13).
Alyson Kieda

January Birthdays

A Happy Jan. 5th Birthday to Thomas W.! A Happy Jan. 8th Birthday to Levi B.! A Happy Jan. 8th Birthday to Amari H.! A Happy Jan. 8th Birthday to Hardy M.! A Happy Jan. 10th Birthday to Macy B.! A Happy Jan. 10th Birthday to Brogan F.! A Happy Jan. 15th Birthday to Quinton D.! A Happy Jan. 25th Birthday to Michael G.! A Happy Jan. 26th Birthday to Madison Bo.! A Happy Jan. 31st Birthday to Emma H.!


LPT Meeting on Monday, January 7th at 6:30 pm in the library. Childcare will be provided.

LPT Subway Night, Monday, January 7th from 5-8 pm at Subway in Amelia! Come out and support our school!

There will be a Barnes & Noble Book Fair on Saturday, February 9th from 10 am – 8 pm to benefit the library. Come visit Barnes & Noble at Chesterfield Towne Center to shop, enjoy activities, and support our library! You can also shop on Sunday, Feb. 10th or online as well! (Snow date- Sat. Feb. 16)

Teachers & Students that drive - Please remember to drive slowly and carefully when you pull in or out of the parking lot. Children can be anywhere, arrive early, and stay after school.

Students and parents of students who ride the bus: Please be at your stop early. Buses run on a tight schedule; if you make the bus wait they are late to the stops that follow you. ALSO: parents, please be at the pickup point on time in the afternoons . . . If the bus is sitting there waiting on you, you probably need to be there a bit earlier.

Mark Your Calendar:

Jan. 3 - Start of 2nd semester; first day back to school for students; report cards go home
Jan 7 - LPT meeting, 6:30pm, in the Library
Jan 7 - LPT Subway night, 5-8pm
Jan 11, 2019 - Alumni Night basketball game v. Kenston Forest School

Meeting Period:

Monday: Weekly SGO Meeting; Tutorials
Tuesday: Tutorials
Wednesday: Tutorials
Thursday: Tutorials
Friday: Tutorials



Fri, Jan. 4, Home, v. Brunswick, JV Girls/Varsity Boys, 5p/6p
Tue, Jan. 8, Away at Banner Christian, Varsity boys only, 6:30p
Fri, Jan. 11, Home v. Kenston Forest (Alumni night), JV Girls/Varsity boys, 5:30p/6:30p
Tue, Jan. 15, home v. Richmond Christian, 5:00*/6:00 MSG/VB
Fri, Jan. 18, away @ Southampton, 5:30/6:30 JVG/VB
Tue, Jan. 22, home v. Tidewater, 6:00* VB
Fri, Jan. 25, home v. BSH, 4:30/6:00* MSG/VB
Tue, Jan. 29, away @ Brunswick, 5:00/6:00 JVG/VB
Thur, Jan. 31, home v. Carmel , 5:30* VB
Tue, Feb. 5, away @ Kenston Forest, 6:00/7:30 JVG/VB
Wed, Feb. 6, away @ BSH, 4:30/6:00 MSG/VB
Fri, Feb. 8, away @ Richmond Christian, 6:00/7:00 MSG/VB
Tue, Feb. 12, home v.Southampton, 5:00*/6:00 JVG/VB **Senior Night**
Fri, Feb. 15, away@ Tidewater , 7:00 VB

*Denotes Mascot Cheerleaders to cheer at game*

Tournament games for February and beyond will be posted soon . . .


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