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Friday, March 16, 2018

Daily Devotional: Wonders in Focus

Friday March 16, 2018 by Mart DeHaan           
Read: Job 38:1–18 | Bible in a Year: Deuteronomy 28–29; Mark 14:54–72

For from him and through him and for him are all things.  Romans 11:36

Some of us are inclined to look at the world and see only what’s wrong. DeWitt Jones is a National Geographic photographer who has used his profession to celebrate what’s right about the world. He waits and watches until a shaft of light or turn of perspective suddenly reveals a wonder that had been there all along. He uses his camera to find beauty in the most common faces of people and nature.
If anyone had reason to focus on the wrongs of the world, Job did. After losing all that had given him joy, even his friends became his accusers. Together their voices taunted him for not admitting that he was suffering for sins he was hiding. When Job cried out to the heavens for help, God remained silent.
Finally, from within the chaos of a whirlwind and the darkness of a storm, God asked Job to consider wonders of nature that reflect a wisdom and power far beyond our own (Job 38:2–4).
Would He now ask us? What about something as natural as the ways of a dog, cat, fluttering leaf, or blade of grass? Could a shaft of light, or a turn of perspective, reveal—even in our pain—the mind and heart of a Creator who has been with us and for us all along?

Father in heaven, we’ve spent too much time thinking only about what is wrong and broken with our world. Please help us to see evidence of Your presence in the wonder of what only You could have done.
In the faces of nature there are wonders that never cease.

Job had heard many “answers” to the problem of his pain, but he wanted to hear from the Lord. When he did, God asked Job a series of questions that revealed His infinite superiority. And His questions pointed to the wonders of creation.
All creation points to God. A key way He speaks to us is through that creation. How refreshing to commune with our Lord as we enjoy His handiwork!
J.R. Hudberg

Mark Your Calendar:

March 17: LPT SIlent Auction, doors open at 1 PM for ticket sales, drawing is at 3 PM or as soon thereafter as possible . . .
March 19: Parental Conferences (3:15 to 6:15 pm)
March 22: Open House 6 - 8 PM
March 15-29: Scholastic Book Fair

March Birthdays:

A Happy March 2nd Birthday to Samantha B.! A Happy March 2nd Birthday to Tyler Go.! A Happy March 10th Birthday to Ashli S.! A Happy March 12th Birthday to John Henry B.! A Happy March 15th Birthday to Jackson R.! A Happy March 24th Birthday to Katia B.!

Meeting Period:

Monday: No meeting period
Tuesday: Tutorials
Wednesday: Tutorials
Thursday: Tutorials
Friday: Senior Chapel Talk with Caleb G.


**You can still purchase the long-sleeve flag shirts. Please let Mrs. Anderson know if you are interested!!!

*Senior Cap & Gown, Kindergarten Cap & Gown, Senior Class Picture, Baseball, and Softball Pictures will be taken April 10. . **This is a change. Softball, Baseball and Senior Class pictures will need to be paid for when they are taken. Cap & Gown pictures can be previewed before purchase.

Mrs. Berry is looking for help during the Scholastic Book Fair.
Help is needed for : March 15 – Set up 8:30 – 3:30
March 19-23, 26, 27
March 28 for packing up

The 9th Grade is selling Pork BBQ Dinners on March 19th, the night of Parent-Teacher Conferences. The meal includes a pork bbq sandwich (condiments for sandwich include cole slaw and bbq sauce), macaroni & cheese, baked beans, and a homemade dessert by Mrs. Edens. Meal is $9 and you can dine in or carryout from 4:00 pm – 6:15 pm. BBQ can also be purchased by the quart for $10 per quart. Please see Mrs. Butler or any 9th grader for more details or to reserve your food. You can also contact the front office. Deadline to purchase is Thursday, March 15.

The following students have overdue library books. Fines are now being accrued. Nick P., Sam B., Kam F., Brent C., Chase L., Maria B., Emma H., Alana P.

Teachers & Students that drive- Please remember to drive slowly and carefully when you pull in or out of the parking lot. Children can be anywhere, arrive early, and stay after school.

Students and parents of students who ride the bus: Please be at your stop early. Buses run on a tight schedule, if you make the bus wait they are late to the stops that follow you. ALSO: parents, please be at the pickup point on time in the afternoons . . .

Announcements for Teachers:


All basketball uniforms need to be turned in ASAP to Mrs. Anderson.


Monday: Practice
Tuesday: Practice
Wednesday: Practice
Thursday: Game ~ Home vs. Brunswick Academy is CANCELLED
Friday: Game ~ Away vs. BSH



Monday: Practice
Tuesday: Practice
Wednesday: Practice
Thursday: Game ~ Home vs. Brunswick Academy is Cancelled
Friday: Practice


Baseball & Softball 2018 Schedule:

Baseball & Softball 2018 Schedule: 3/16 (Fri) BSH Home 4:30 (Baseball only)
3/22 (Thurs) Kenston Home 4:30 (Baseball only)
3/26 (Mon) Brunswick Home 4:30
3/27 (Tues) Richmond Christian Away 4:30 (Softball only)
3/29 (Thurs) Southampton Away 4:30
4/10 (Tues) Tidewater Home 4:30
4/12 (Thurs) BSH Home 4:30 (Baseball only)
4/13 (Friday) Kenston Home 4:30 (Softball only)
4/17 (Tuesday) Brunswick Away 4:30
4/24 (Tuesday) Kenston Away 4:30
4/26 (Thurs) Richmond Christian Home 4:30 (Softball only)
5/1 (Tues) Southampton Home 4:30 (Senior Game)
5/3 (Thurs) Tidewater Away 4:30
5/7 VCC Quarterfinals at Higher Seed
5/8 VCC Semifinals at Richmond Christian
5/9 VCC Finals at Richmond Christian

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