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The Admissions Process

Procedures for New Students (Grades K-12)

The best way to see what we have to offer is to visit with us.

  1. Come visit us!
  2. Turn in all of the paperwork with the testing/application fee.
  3. For transfer students, we will schedule placement testing once transcripts from the previous school are received.
  4. Interview with our Head of School.
  5. Pay enrollment, tuition and fees upon acceptance (or financial arrangements made).

Amelia Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all of the privileges, programs and activities made available at the school.

Admissions Testing

All students (with the exception of pre-kindergarten students) take an admissions test before entering Amelia Academy.

Kindergarten students take a readiness test that tests the following areas:

  • Listening skills (Students are read a story about which they must answer questions.)
  • Motor skills (Students must write their name, copy some shapes, and color and cut out an ice cream cone.)
  • Reasoning (Students identify groups and analogies using pictures.)
  • Social skills (Students separate from their parents and answer questions without excessive prompting.)
  • Students count to twenty.  Some can identify all or some of the numbers up to ten.
  • Students recite the ABC’s. Some can identify all or some of the letters.

All other students take an aptitude test that gives a percentile score, comparing their score to other students nationally at the same grade level.

Admissions testing is conducted by the Amelia Academy guidance office.