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Ten Things Colleges Look for in Students

  1. A challenging high school curriculum.
  2. Grades that represent strong effort and improve yearly.
  3. Solid scores on standardized tests (SAT or ACT).
  4. Active involvement in activities, demonstrating leadership and initiative, making a well-rounded student.
  5. Participation in service-learning activities that demonstrates a concern for other people.
  6. Work or out-of-school experiences that illustrate responsibility, dedication, and development of areas of interest.
  7. A well-written essay that provides insight into the student’s personality, values, and goals.
  8. Letters of recommendation from teachers and guidance counselors that give evidence of integrity, special skill, and positive character traits.
  9. Supplementary recommendations by adults who have had contact with the student.
  10. Anything special that makes the student different from the rest of the applicants.