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We're dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for all of our students and we're here to answer your questions.

Board of Directors

2018-19 Administration

2018-19 Educational Staff

Several of our teachers have been with the school for many years while others are new to the educational profession. In either case, our students respect the teachers and the individual attention received by our students enhances and challenges the creative and intellectual abilities within them.

2018-19 Coaching Staff

  • Jason Morris, girl's varsity volleyball
  • Victoria Lunsford, girl's Middle School basketball and volleyball
  • Mont Linkenauger, boy's and girl's cross country
  • Greg Harris, boy's varsity basketball
  • All other coaching positions, TBA

2018-19 Transportation Department

  • Route One, Mr. Robert Ratliff, Bus 68, cell #804-972-0447
  • Route Two, Mrs. Teri Flippin, Bus 67, cell #804-972-2324
  • Route Three, Mrs. Jennifer Bollinger, Bus 69, cell #804-467-2840
  • Route Four, Mrs. Susan Newton, Bus 48, cell #804-432-6085